[cvsnt-dev] building + status/release woes

David Somers dsomers at trevezel.com
Sun Aug 1 11:36:23 BST 2004

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> No, because openssl must be compiled separately for different compiler
> versions.  There is a compiled version of the _vc71 versions
> downloadable from the main page.

I was compiling directly from the OpenSSL sources (as grabbed from their CVS
repository)... I just followed the instructions in
openssl/openssl/install.w32, and it built the versions and got them sans
_vc71. Do you build openssl a different way?



p.s. I'm actualy quite happy that I managed to get cvsnt to compile
(although I'm less happy with having to use VS.NET 2003: the debugger seems
unable to watch some variables as it claims they're not found), though I'm
still scratching myself over that inconsistent status/release behaviour.

When Classify_File calls Version_TS it gets something like this:

+	vn_user	0x0038de20 "1.2"	char *
+	vn_rcs	0x00000000 <Bad Ptr>	char *
+	vn_tag	0x00000000 <Bad Ptr>	char *
+	ts_user	0x0038de98 "Wed Jul 28 15:09:59 2004"	char *
+	ts_rcs	0x0038de40 "Wed Jul 28 15:09:59 2004"	char *
	tt_rcs	0	__int64
+	options	0x0038de78 ""	char *
+	ts_conflict	0x00000000 <Bad Ptr>	char *
+	tag	0x00000000 <Bad Ptr>	char *
+	date	0x00000000 <Bad Ptr>	char *
	nonbranch	0	int
+	filename	0x00000000 <Bad Ptr>	char *
+	entdata	0x0038b3e0 {type=ENT_FILE user=0x0038b428 "checkoutlist"
version=0x0038b450 "1.2" ...}	entnode *
+	srcfile	0x00000000 {refcount=??? flags=??? path=??? ...}	rcsnode *

so later in the Classify_File, it returns T_REMOVE_ENTRY from line 241.

If I do status on that file, I get:
File: checkoutlist      Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:    1.2
   Repository revision: 1.2     /omz13/CVSROOT/checkoutlist,v
   Expansion option:    kv
   Commit Identifier:   b144107c1c711dd
   Sticky Tag:          (none)
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      (none)
   Merge From:          (none)

So, I guess that in release, the vn_rcs should be "1.2" and not NULL.

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