[cvsnt-dev] Should a recent CVSNT server compatable with a CVS 1.11.19 client

Matt Schuckmann matthew_schuckmann at amat.com
Wed Apr 6 18:52:39 BST 2005

I'm working on setting up our CVSNT repository on a Windows server and I've
got some users that would like access to the repository from a Sparc Solaris
6 system.

It appears that it's a non trivial task to get CVSNT working on Solaris 6,
something to do with Solaris not supporting IPV6.
Further more upgrading from Solaris 6 is also not an option at this time.

So my question is will a standard CVS client (version 1.11.19) play nice
with a current CVSNT server?

I realize that the standard CVS client won't have all the features of the
CVSNT client but will it work ok?

Matt S.

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