[cvsnt-dev] Ad-hoc language settings for filenames

lahavav at post.tau.ac.il lahavav at post.tau.ac.il
Thu Apr 21 03:36:09 BST 2005

Hello all,

I had a the following situation:
I have filenames with some Korean letters, and my CVS server is a unix machine
working with pserver protocol (locale cannot be changed, and probably should
not be only for these filenames).

I want to preserve the original filenames when I add and checkout from the
server; BUT, I don't want to change my PC's "locale", or "Languge for
non-unicode programs", to Korean - I don't want Korean to be my default
language all over my PC.

To overcome this problem, I have changed the codepage when converting filenames
from unicode to ascii in some places in the code, to Korean codepage (949).

- Do anyone have a better solution?
- I will commit my corrections if anyone is interested in this feature.
- I have fixes also to WinCVS - let me know if anyone wants it.

- Aviad Lahav

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