[cvsnt-dev] compilation fails under Linux

Richard Wirth richard at wirthware.de
Tue Jul 26 18:29:35 BST 2005

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Hello David,

Tuesday, July 26, 2005, 6:54:12 PM, you wrote:

DS> Tony,

DS> I'm having problems getting to compile under Gentoo/Linux.

DS> It seems to be getting its knickers in a twist over odbc support (I think my
DS> odbcUNIX software is a bit old... am upgrading at the moment to see if that
DS> helps... what ODBC system do you use under Linux?)

DS> Also, this is weird since I've specified ./configure -server so odbc
DS> shouldn't be needed by the client-side anyway, or should it?

Thats a 'pro' for my thoughts about aditional configure switches to
disable the use of some specific database interface (--without-odbc
--without-mysql etc.)

Thats because I have a simmilar problem with mysql on one of my
Solaris boxes.

So I would like to have a '--without-xxx' for each database interface
and also a switch to overwrite where the configuration for a
particular database (like '--with-my_sql-config=PATH'
'--with-pg-config=PATH') is to be found.

There are some (minor) issues when building 64 bit binaries:

In cvsapi/cvs_string.cpp the compiler complains about short used with
va_arg(): "'short int' is promoted to 'int' when passed through '...'"
(line 203 ff.)

In cvsapi/odbc/OdbcConnection.cpp all calls to SQLSetEnvAttr() the
last Parameter is int and NULL is passed. This causes some warnings on
architectures where sizeof(int) < sizeof(void*).

In cvsapi/odbc/OdbcRecordset.h long and int are mixed up for variables
used with the odbc interface. This causes error on architectures
where sizeof(int) != sizeof(long).

Best regards,
 Richard                            mailto:richard at wirthware.de

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