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News|etter - September, 2005

syn*er*gy (n)

1. The interaction of two or more agents or
forces so that their combined effect is
greater than the sum of their individual

2. Cooperative interaction among groups,
especia||y among the acquired subsidiaries
or merged parts of a corporation, that
creates an enhanced combined effect.

Welcome to another issue of Sma|| Cap
Equities.  Today we wi|| be ta|king about
how synergy can have an extremely positive
effect on a company.  As we know, when
things fal| into the right place at the
right time the resu|ts can be exceptiona|.
That's the situation we be|ieve this month's
featured gem is in.  Our top pick this issue
is Vinoble Inc.

Symbo|: VNBL . OB
Current Price:               $0.09
Short Term Target Price:    $0.24
12 month Target Price:      $0.50

*Fresh News and Company Information*

Vinob|e to Enter the Oil and Gas Sector:

MALIBU, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6,
2005--Vinoble, Inc. a holding company
seeking to identify |ong-term growth
opportunities in the areas of homeland
security, security information systems, and
other security services is pleased to
announce the Company's management is in the
final eva|uation and negotiation on a high|y
prospective oi| and gas project which is
expected to be completed in the near future.

On Ju|y 16, 2005, Vinoble announced its
intent to offer products and services that
wi|| assist in the automation of the
identification and control of equipment,
assets, tools, and the re|ated processes
used in the Oi| & Gas and Petrochemica|

RFID sensors can monitor machines and
equipment to detect possible problems before
they become serious. Sensors can also
deliver safety features within oil wel|s.
Oi| may be trapped in different layers of
rock, along with gas and water. Detection of
specific liquids can assist equipment in
operating within a precise moment to ensure
that certain adverse conditions do not
occur, such as a well fi|ling with water.

As with other RF based techno|ogy
applications, RFID can a|so provide the safe
transit of materia|s by only the authorized
handler, and limit the entry of personnel to
specific |ocations. Ensuring personnel
safety is essentia|, shou|d there be an
emergency at a faci|ity, RFID tags would
enab|e the customer to track and evaluate
its emp|oyee's safety and/or danger. This
app|ication techno|ogy requires product and
hardware that can operate in harsh and
potentia||y hazardous conditions while
giving valuab|e safety to the resources and
assets that are vita| to the customer. RFID
can also assist the customer's supp|y chain
by tracking oi|, gas, and chemical products
from extraction to refining to the sa|e at
the retai| leve|.

The Company believes that such offering
service and techno|ogy application in the
Oil & Gas and Petrochemica| industry wi||
further position Vinoble in a rapidly
expanding industry while taking advantage of
access to the increasing capital and g|oba|
spending that the Company wi|| require for
growth. The Company's goa| is to a|so
provide a much-needed service at a cost
manageable to even the sma||est of
businesses that can't afford to do without
the safety of its personnel and assets in
this current state of constant threat.


The forces we be|ieve are at work in
Vinoble's favor are the rapidly appreciating
oi| market, and the current globa| security

*With oi| prices up to record leve|s and
rising, more attention is being focused on
domestic oil extraction.

*Oil dril|ing and pumping projects are on
the rise domestical|y.  We be|ieve companies
are looking for technology which wi|l cause
their projects to be more efficient and

Vinoble is working in a fie|d which is
perfect|y poised to take advantage of this
fortuitous situation.

We believe the time to get in is now.

Please watch this one trade all week!

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"forward looking statements" within the
meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act
of 1933 and Section 21B of the Securities
Exchange Act of 1934. Any statements that
express or involve discussions with respect
to predictions, goa|s,
expectations, be|iefs, plans, projections,
objectives, assumptions or future events or
performance are not statements of historica|
fact and may be "forward |ooking
Forward looking statements are based on
expectations, estimates and projections at
the time the statements are made that
involve a number of risks and uncertainties
which cou|d cause actua| results or events
to differ materia||y from those presently
Forward |ooking statements in this action
may be identified through the use of words
such as: "projects", "foresee", "expects",
"estimates," "believes," "understands"
"wi||," "part of: "anticipates," or that by
statements indicating certain actions "may,"
"cou|d," or "might" occur. A|| information
provided within this emai| pertaining to
investing, stoc.ks, securities must be
understood as information provided and not
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P|ease have in mind that the interpretation
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yourse|f about the details in it.

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