[cvsnt-dev] modules2 possible development oversight?

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at telia.com
Mon Aug 14 19:14:51 BST 2006

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This text was written in a reply to a post in support and I think it
might have gotten lost amongst the suff that the subject talks about
so I figured I would create a new thread with a proper subject here

Back by the end of 2005 (maybe longer ago) I tried in vain to get
modules2 to work properly and gave up. There were always problems when
I tried to define the top level of the module....
It never ever worked for me following the doc guides. As soon as a top
level was defined all subsequent defines were lost. Tony said that he
would dig into it properly in the 2.6 line.

Now I just had a look at the modules2.cpp file history and it seems
like revision is what is *currently* used for the CVSNT_2_0_x
branch. This includes the latest builds of 2.5, for example it carries
the tag CVSNT_2_5_04_2403.

But interestingly rev 1.2 is a merge into TRUNK of and there
was some development of modules2 functions in revisions 1.3 - 1.8,
which were used in test releases on the 2.5 line (last such tag is on
rev 1.8 and reads CVSNT_2_5_02_1979) even though the particular file
was on TRUNK rather than on the branch...

Now everything named 2_5 seems to again tag rev on the branch,
but of course without all the mods up to rev 1.8 present.

So I wander if there was a screwup in the branching when developing
CVSNT on the branch such that when some fixes were put in place the
file was on TRUNK and these fixes have now been left out because you
have checked out the entire source tree again on the proper branch?

This woiuld explain the apparent lack of any progress on the modules2
handling since a long time back.

As far as I can see (not being a C++ programmer) the major changes
between and 1.8 are centered on the handling of the modules2
root definition, so it makes me believe that you might have solved a
lot of the problems but it is not reflected on the 2.5 releases
because it was done on TRUNK rather than on the branch and it was
never back-merged....

The active file has an section like this at the end:

void CModules2::Translate(CvsBasicEntry& item,
std::vector<CvsBasicEntry>& list)

	modlist_t::const_iterator i =

	// Now what??

Whereas 1.8 has a much more full body....

I guess that if one wants to test the most recent way modules2 behaves
on a 2.5 binary one should install which includes these


(Bo Berglund, developer in Sweden)

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