[cvsnt-dev] build unable to compile on Linux

Richard Wirth richard at wirthware.de
Tue Aug 29 07:54:36 BST 2006

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Hello David,

--- snipp ---

Just commited the changes to make ufc-crypt vpath aware. But configure
has to be regenerated again...

>> I tried to build latest cvsnt on SuSE Linux 10.1 and it failed in
>> VPATH builds. So we created the missing Makefile.am and patched
>> configure.in to include ufc-crypt. Than we created the Makefiles.am by
>> running automake. But these Makefiles.am are not compatible with the
>> files Tony creates, because we are using a different (newer) version
>> of automake. So Tony has to do this step an commit the resp. files.

DS> Yep, different versions of automake is a pain.

>> I wonder why the zlib-patch isn't working. zlib is needed by the
>> Solaris builds, which I do for my customers. And my local builds for
>> Solaris do work definitively.

DS> For the gentoo build only ufc-crypt is causing problems (and I work around it
DS> by explicitly doing make in ufc-crypt before calling make in the cvsnt root
DS> dir)... for all the other troublesome libs I rely on them being system
DS> installed instead of using the ones that come with cvsnt (which explains why
DS> I never had breakage before).

>> So I will doublecheck this tomorrow...

DS> Let me know how it goes... 

Best regards,
 Richard                            mailto:richard at wirthware.de

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