[cvsnt-dev] patches for script_trigger.cpp and server.h

Chuck Kirschman Chuck.Kirschman at Nosp_am.bentley.com
Mon Apr 28 22:27:27 BST 2008

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Arthur Barrett wrote:
> Hi Chuck,
>> script.  This patch is based on the stable source.  I don't
>> know how many of these are fixed on the tip.
> Can you also send this through as a context diff?  "cvs diff -c"?
>> 2.  Allow a centralized script location defined in the "script.name"
>> file.  With many repositories on a single box, making a change to a
>> script that must live in every CVSROOT is an administration nightmare.
> What are everyone else's thoughts on this one?
> One of the reasons why the admin scripts live only in CVSROOT is for 
> security, and if you've chroot jailed CVSNT it can only see it's own 'root'.
> I suppose if we move this property to /etc/cvsnt/PServer then you'd need 
> root priv to set it anyway - but on windows it's nowhere near as 
> straightforward (and you can't really chroot jail on windows either).
> All up I'm thinking this sounds a trifle dangerous.
> Comments?
> Regards,
> Arthur Barrett
Context diff sent.

I didn't actually change the old behavior; if you want to put the script 
in CVSROOT then you can.

Furthermore, all the other scripting situations such as loginfo run 
things in other places on the box if you choose.  Admittedly they are at 
different places in the process.  For me it's just much better to have a 
single script on the server when I need to fix a bug.  But then most of 
my servers have about 20 repositories.  The proposed implementation 
forces the "script.name" file to live in every CVSROOT, thus allowing 
the administrator to make it different per repository if they need to. 
For example, my test repository runs a test version of the script with 
additional debugging.  It's sort of a poor-windows-user's symbolic link.


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