[cvsnt-dev] patches for script_trigger.cpp and server.h

Chuck Kirschman Chuck.Kirschman at Nosp_am.bentley.com
Wed Apr 30 16:57:52 BST 2008

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Arthur Barrett wrote:
> Chuck,
>> 1.  Print out line and column number from the script if it fails.  Very
>> convenient when creating scripts.
>> 2.  Allow a centralized script location defined in the "script.name"
>> file.  With many repositories on a single box, making a change to a
>> script that must live in every CVSROOT is an administration nightmare.
>> 3.  String was not null-terminated correctly; it was dereferencing char
>> ** as if it was char *
>> 4.  Same as 3
>> 5.  Putting 11 args into an array of only 9 elements
>> 6.  COM says that you give a copy of strings, not the address of your
>> only copy
>> 7.  Same as 6
>> 8.  Missing AddRef
>> 9.  Same as 8
> I've made item 2 to require a setting the registry (and added it to the 
> control panel).
If what you're saying is that the script name is stored in the registry, 
I considered that approach but rejected it as less flexible than the 
approach used by all the other files (loginfo, commitinfo, etc.)  By 
limiting to one per box rather than on a per-repository basis it made it 
hard to have groups of repositories, and harder to develop/test because 
you couldn't set one repository to point to the script you're working 
on.  But it's certainly close enough to meet the administration 
requirement for us.  We only have one script to date.

> I've also modified the debug messages so the physical repository name is not 
> revealed unless it's a per-machine location (for security reasons we cant 
> ever display the phsycal repository location in a trace).
> http://customer.march-hare.com/webtools/bugzilla/ttshow_bug.cgi?tt=1&id=5252
That sounds good.  I mostly needed it for debugging anyway.

> Patch to 2.5.04:
> http://customer.march-hare.com/webtools/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?tt=1&id=1221&action=view
> Committed change to 2.5.04 - it will be in the next RC.
> Regards,
> Arthur

Thanks for the update.

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