[cvsnt-dev] Problems building CVSNT_BRANCH_2_5_03_2382

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 9 06:36:11 GMT 2008

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> I would be happy to if a) it isn't too complicated (like I said, my C/C++ 
> skills are rusty) and b) I can figure out how to get a simple checkout to 
> compile properly.
> My first goal right now is simply to get the code from the 2382 branch to 
> compile without making any changes what-so-ever, but I am struggling with 
> that.  I will retry with Tony's latest instructions and see if that makes 
> any difference.

Good news / bad news.
Good news is that I managed to checkout 2_0_x, disable the oracle_database 
project / dependency, and build the entire soln.
Bad news is that if I try to execute some of the .exe in winrel/ directory 
(such as cvs.exe, rlog.exe, etc.), I get the following error msg:
    The procedure entry point xmlSaveToBuffer could not be located in the 
dynamic link library libxml2.dll.

I'm guessing that it is a version conflict of something, but have no ideas 
what it might be.

Furthermore, this may sound like a real novice / beginner question 
(remember, I have become a Java webapp programmer these days - haven't 
desgined/built Win apps in some 15 yrs), but how can I test that the build 
was successful and that my executables actually work properly?  I'm used to 
customizing CVSNT through the Control Panel, and installing it using the 
nice installer that you guys provide, etc...  If I am going to be building 
this by hand, is there a particular way for me to configure / test it?  I 
tried to open the _cvsnt.cpl file, but got nothing out of that.



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