[cvsnt-dev] Problem with libxml

Andreas Tscharner starfire at sunrise.ch
Wed Jun 25 21:56:57 BST 2008

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Arthur Barrett wrote:
> Andreas,

Hello Arthur,

> I'm not sure if libxml and libxml2 are the same...  And the only thing I am 

libxml and libxml2 is the same in this context... ;-)
> certain of is that the libxml2 requirements in cvsapi are not #ifdef'd - so 
> it wouldn't matter anyway.  In fact I just did a search of all the source 
> and cannot find HAVE_LIBXML used anywhere.

In the Makefile.am in the cvsnt root directory, there is a WITH_LIBXML...
>> Also ldd shows no dependency on libxml2
> What are you ldd'ing?  The dependency is from cvsapi.so to libxml2.so.

OK. The libcvsapi.so has a dependency to /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2...
>> As a second problem, the configuration within the libxml directory seems 
>> to be broken, because I cannot
>> make distclean
>> Making distclean in libxml
>> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/andy/Programming/Projects/cvsnt/libxml'
>> make[1]: *** Keine Regel, um �distclean� zu erstellen.  Schluss.
>> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/andy/Programming/Projects/cvsnt/libxml'
>> make: *** [distclean-recursive] Fehler 1
>> Any thoughts?
> The cvsnt modules cvsapi and protocols also use the distclean-recursive 
> macro, and I cannot see anything 'wrong' with the makefile's on a quick 
> inspection.  Can you trace out what make is actually trying to do here?  If 
> you do 'make distclean' in the libxml directory does it work OK, ie: is it 
> just recursing into libxml that is broken or is it that libxml makefile.in 
> itself is broken?

I think I found the reason:
I don't know why, but the configure script takes the libxml2 that is 
installed on the system and the configure script in the libxml directory 
does not get called. When I call make distclean afterwards, make 
distclean gets called in the libxml directory (again: I don't know why), 
but there is (of course) no target distclean, because of the configure 
script not being run before... (and that is what the error message says)

Are you able to fix this?

Best regards
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