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Terris terris at terris.com
Mon Oct 1 01:03:13 BST 2001

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1.11.1 works fine.


If the path is always the same, just the machine changes, add a CNAME to
your DNS


pserver and ntserver work together fine


cvsnt doesn't support unc paths?  See
http://devguy.com/cvsnt and search for UNC


It's a bad idea to put your sandbox on a network share.  Server to server
shares are fine.  Server to client shares are worse than bad.

"Adam Shand" <adam at personaltelco.net> wrote in message
news:Pine.LNX.4.32.0109271117010.8550-100000 at maus.spack.org...
> hi.
> i've spent the last couple days messing around with cvsnt 1.11.1 and
> reading the mailing list archives. over all i'm pretty impressed though it
> does seem a little quirky, especially the gui (adding a repository via the
> "Add" button doesn't seem to work at all, and i haven't quite figured out
> the right order to use "cvsservice -i" without getting error messages).
> i have a couple questions (please bear with me i'm a unix guy not an nt
> guy but we want the cvs users to be integrated with our nt domain, hence
> cvs nt).
>  - i've seen references in the older list archives saying that people have
>    been having problems with 1.11 and went back to 1.10.  what is the
>    offical recommendation now? what are the significant differences
>    between 1.10 and 1.11?
>  - i'd like to standardize on a CVSROOT hostname and path.  in the future
>    i see this allowing us to migrate to different servers without having
>    to worry about coordinating all the developers checking everything in
>    before the move.  unfortunatey cvsnt's usage of drive letters breaks
>    this.  i thought i might be able to use a windows shortcut like a unix
>    symlink but that doesn't seem to work.  is there anyway to be able to
>    make a CVSROOT of something like ":pserver:adam at cvsserver:/cvsroot" to
>    work regardless of where /cvsroot is on the actual server?
>  - we need *nix and windows clients to be able to access our repository
>    (why we migrated from vss a few months ago).  are their any issues with
>    having the windows users user the ntserver with wincvs and the unix
>    ones use pserver?
>  - we'd like to use a file server (a netapp) as our central cvs store.
>    this works well because it makes sure the data is backed up gives us a
>    central point of managment.  the problem is that windows drives are
>    mapped at login time not boot time and cvsnt doesn't seem to support
>    unc paths.  is there any way to make this work?
>  - i've also seen some messages here saying that using a network file
>    system (either smb or nfs) is a *bad* idea with cvs.  how bad is it?
>    have people made it work, if so how?  people always say that network
>    filesystems are bad but, for example, you can make it work with mail
>    servers (careful mbox locking via procmail or maildir).  are there ways
>    to make it work with cvsnt?
> thanks,
> adam.
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