[cvsnt] invalid change text over and over again

Lionello Lunesu lionello.lunesu at crystalinter.remove.com
Tue Dec 3 10:05:48 GMT 2002

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We are getting many "invalid change text" errors lately. These started 1
week ago when we installed a dedicated build server with the latest (build
62) cvsnt.

The build server occasionally updates the modules and increments a version
number if any API header files have changed. This version number is in a
header file itself and the build server edits&commits this file
automatically. In fact, there are a couple of these files and it's mostly
these files that give the "invalid change text" errors..

I looked at the rcs file. The only thing that strikes me as odd is this:
@Version Increased
@// This file was generated by HExpand v 1.6
#define CITK_CORE_VER 239

(1) After the "text\n@", shouldn't there be a a### or d### or something?

The version files all look like this:
// This file was generated by HExpand v 1.6
#define CITK_CORE_VER 243
And only the number will be incremented.

(2) The files are actually always edited/committed, even is nothing has
changed. This shouldn't be a problem, right?

(3) We've upgraded the cvs-server to build 62, but the clients were still
using an older version (build 57a) of the cvs client. Can this be the cause
of the corrupt files on the server? (Even the build server uses :pserver: by
the way).

Hoping to get more info on this problem..


begin 666 citk_CoreVersion.h,v.zip
M;BYH+':EF%U/XS at 4AJ^;7V%I+V9F59D<)VE:>E/$P"Z:#U"IF$OD)FX;D295
MXC+TW^]Q''?:T!6<&8$J$.[CC_,^QRDK)=,>\& X]F22J+H>>_5N/2_SVNO)
MJ=2J)WQ?< `N1AQ"'O@\C,<]N=6KLF(J7<IJW*LU#F17+YNQ-Z]DD:P4+J50
MQ886^>8D*+3 TH)3M##$19ZFI1B*4SAA<>(4+AAP/R M#BP-3M(B'M)HOJ7Y
M)VD!#T at 1$:.&)D:O:8)',;$,>,P-;?B:!CP:F:)3:%8&T94!SQ_3AC^3`B>L
M#*(K0]3(,#0UI]"L#*(K at S!K"T<\)*DEK RB(P.,C*4(]&E5L#*(C at Q84'_(
M1J]H/A84`TQ:&U at 78-BA^4TKQQY'6YMU`>)CFFBJ@&;1KAFP+L"@0X.F70;F
M)"@TZP)$QS1T2O at FO4#J;V!=@+!#"TW8#)-&LRY T*$U5<!:"-JY61= '-/\
MH%E;3+0>K L`'5J37HC,O4&A61?@T 7,K3#=`P^->#U;%48=5F"6A?N,2/NT
M(@P[K*9YX,D)TBZM!O$Q"U>$+-/)2;W(2C X9IGOV)P:[;RL`E&'%9JN%H3$
M.]D*<)A_;+:BR4:$?2,B/2W8AX5#5FQPN#I\\J ]`+87P2%KT-01S(U']-*&
M]13+--OWG)?7:Y_66Z at E\C^D_H)YJ:H3;S)QS_=YN?0F#ZJJL[)@-T52F4\,
MK%#L\F;VY?'R=GKU^' U92(8>>V$\5L3IL "-WA &1Q1!H=V\%3I:G=R0& '
M_%!+SG[@!ZF"?9%WM[.38P5E9J ,]@F#\6&7,/C-PJ<!`T^:E_^K:>A8;4VO
M,2+?9-%G#Y^_\M7AK @R+^_/$G:)-Z??;Z5-R46:(BA(ZW);I)NJW*A*[PC;
M+-.:)2M9+"G%$DY T8:U*-E:U;5<*@)DZ"!MB&\*/:MD\M1O_H>PV9!6%#M8
M&_+[E=RH/IN7+P3(H(6 "[^LLG);MP=4$TB1(SDSRBQ1B-$$AC,"G!$RP4&V
M5GUVW01(FI at 2F"[FT,9\5BF%Q[U=+ @0EVV(7-\SB;XW]P1?_4::7+ AW+>1
MS at IHK?B6)>C[JL2A6:%157/NY%V!<P3$84?)S:I-/R&0G"C0BO(U*S_L0\ET
MB6V*(=+\ORXKE at 2PDP:<-*;9?5;/F-4^:WZYG:.+VT3WV=5WG>D=N[B[^4 0
M`9Q2(S?#6ND5KM*4\B&KMS(GP)Q5K51)II\>+\M*M?<.I1>"LZN52T! >+/3
M:.#>+,Y=5'%?JJHP/- at WJD8,+:NETK^R1)C'F=:*]EW]9,\*>U)QCG\$`L at I
MNTDPV.O&][03*YIX_P%02P$"% `4``(`" "T7H,MFE:_"R(%```M%P``% ``
M```````!`" `@($`````8VET:U]#;W)E5F5R<VEO;BYH+'902P4&``````$`
,`0!"````5 4`````

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