[Cvsnt] cvsnt access & setup error

Bo Berglund bosse at agiusa.com
Tue Feb 12 23:26:10 GMT 2002

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Not so easy finding your comments in line...

Repository Prefix
This is a feature that probably exists in later builds of CVS-NT than you
I think that you should download the latest beta version of CVS-NT to find
It is in the middle tab of the control panel applet (the green fish).

Temp dir
Can be set in the control panel applet, but you need one of the later
Also, the temp dir that exists in c:\winnt is very limited by the operating
In reality only system has access to that directory. I don't think that
the environment variables will break anything else as long as you make the
temp dir accessible to everybody.

passwd file
For security reasons this file is not part of the file set that gets
rebuilt on commits in CVSROOT or is checked out with CVSROOT. You must
manage this file completely by hand, no automation here at all. But it is
needed by CVSNT in later builds since that is the general behaviuor for CVS
on other
platforms too.
The file is located inside the directory CVSROOT that exists in all valid
THis directory is created automatically when a repository is initialized.
You have to put the file passwd by hand into this directory in the
THe passwd file is very simple, a text file of course. If you use ntserver
exclusively it can look like this:
It is simply a list of the NT users that will have access to the CVSNT
If you are using the pserver protocol the file is a bit more complex:
Here the encrypted CVS passwords for these users have been added. Note that
passwords are only for CVS so they can be anything, should not match the
domain passwords because they are sent across the network with only weak
You create the encrypted versions of them using the pwgen program that is
part of the
CVSNT distribution.
The passwd file can contain another item too:

The extra name at the end is an alias, when this is in place then CVSNT will
use this
account for the person logging in. THis means that charles and john will be
using the
account paul and lisa will me mary when working in CVS. These new names must
as valid system users. But when you use aliases then the login user need
only exist in


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Subject: RE: [Cvsnt] cvsnt access & setup error

Hi Bo,
Thank you very much for the explanation.  But I still have some question.
Please see them on your below letter.  Thanks!!!

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Subject: RE: [Cvsnt] cvsnt access & setup error

for what it's worth:
It's been a while since I read the instructions on DevGuy for the
but I have actually just a couple of weeks ago made a fresh CVSNT install on
new XP-Pro machine. I used the following procedure:
A) I used the setup I downloaded from the cvsnt.org site. I specified the
   of the CVSNT directory as C:\Programs\CVSNT because I am parnoid about
   all spaces from program install directories. CVS being a UNIX port can be
   to spaces in the path.
B) I also copied my old repositories from my now retired machine to my new
PC. The repository files now sit in F:\CVSREPO which is the top node of
dicrete repositories.
C) I created a temp directory for CVS usage as E:\TEMP
D) Then I used the control panel applet that the CVSNT install provided to
tune the installation. I added my repositories and also set the Prefix to
F:\CVSREPO in order to allow simple cvsroot settings on the client side.

--Where is the place that I put Prefix?  I installed CVS NT Service
(Build 41) at c:\orion\CVSForNT. I went to Start, Control Panel, CVS for NT.
There are 3 parts: Service Status, Valid Repository Root, Temp dirctory.  On
Service Status part, I checked all 4 checkbox, Start Pserver protocol,
Pserver impersonation, start ntserver protocol, ntserver impersonation,
press Start button to let it start.

E) Then I set the Temp dir on the advanced tab and also unchecked the TCP/IP
port since I will only be using ntserver authentication
--where is the advanced tab?  this Temp dir is your E:\temp, right?

F) I created a CVSROOT/passwd file in both repositories with my name as the
single item on a line. This is needed for CVS to accept my usage of CVS
--is your CVSROOT/passwd directly under your E:\CVSREPO directory?  How do
you create your password?  I tried pwgen.exe file.  On the windows, I only
can see password, confirm password, Enctypted password.  I tried to create
one by typing ouyang!orion.  I checked my repository directory
D:\cvsrepo\ascent\CVSROOT, my passwd file is still empty.  I think this is
my key problem.

G) Then I also made sure that the system environment variables TEMP and TMP
pointed to my temp directory created in C) and PATH contained
-- the default system environment variables TEMP and TMP are pointed to
C:\Winnt\temp.  I am afraid that some other programs are using them.  Can I
add d:\cvstemp after that?

H) Stopped and Started the CVSNT service using the control panel applet.
This was all it took to get it up and running.

What I did not do:
- Set environment variables CVSROOT, HOME
--I removed the system environment varilabe CVSROOT.  But I have to keep
HOME because Emacs is using it.  Is it OK?

- Create a .password file anywhere (what use is this?)
  The password file used by CVSNT is named CVSROOT/passwd, nothing else...

Regarding installation of WinCvs on the server:
You should not do this at all. The server should be used as a server and
WinCvs is a
client side program. Not needed on the server. And you don't need TCL or
Python either.

On these you should install WinCvs with support functions TCL and
Pythononly, your procedure
below seems OK to me (step 1)

Client side problems
But on step 3 I can't follow why you copied the strange file you made in
your workstation. The .password file is not used by anything I know of.
WinCvs creates
a file .cvspass in your WinCvs home directory and in this file it caches
your login
info for the various servers you use. But this is nothing you need to bother
with at all.

Then you say you don't see a login dialogue for the domain password. Well, I
am not really
sure about this. Just to check I changed my server to use TCP/IP connection
also and entered
an encrypted password into my passwd file, which now reads:
note that the password encrypted here is *not* my domain password.
Then I set up a new login using Admin/Preferences and tried checking out
CVSROOT from the
repository after using the login function. Worked right out of the box! But
the login fails
if I use the domain password as it should.
What problem do you see?


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From: Ouyang, Sunny [mailto:sunny.ouyang at orion-sys.com]
Sent: den 8 februari 2002 22:45
To: 'bo.berglund at telia.com'
Subject: Re: [Cvsnt] cvsnt access & setup error

Hi Bo,
Here is the detail that I installed & config CVS
Part I: on windows 2000 server, SP2
1.  I followed step 1 through 9 on
to setup cvs for nt.
2.  I used cvsnt_1.11.1.2.exe
3.  for the system variable,
	Variable		Value
	CVSROOT		:local:c:\cvs
	path			c:\orion\cvsfornt (#where I installed
	HOME			c:\user
	TEMP			c:\winnt\temp
	TMP			c:\winnt\temp
4. On CVS For NT on Control Panel, I added the repository location to
d:\cvsrepo\ascent, the temp directory is d:\cvstemp.  I gave the full access
to the both for everyone on d:\cvsrepo and d:\cvstemp
5.  I create .password file on C:\user, password file on
D:\cvsrepo\ascent\CVSROOT. The content is like this:
ouyang!orion  #ouyang is my login name, orion is our domain so I can use my
domain password
6.  open regedit, set StartNTServer to 0 so I can use pserver
Q:  Do I have to install WinCVS 1.3 on the server?  I didn't install it at
this point

Part II: on the user's workstation
I followed the instruction at
1.  Installed WinCVS Beta 6 (local Build 1), Python 2.2,
ActiveStateActive Tcl
2. On general tab of WinCVS Preferences:
	Authentication:	pserver
	Path: 		d:/cvsrepo/ascent
	Host address:	2000mothra
	user name:		ouyang
	CVSROOT:		ouyang at 2000mothra:d:/cvsrepo/ascent

3.  On WinCvs tab of WinCVS Preferences:
	c:\user #Home folder (where cvs stores yoru passwords)
     Note: I copied .password file from CVS server to c:\user
Q:  is this correct?

4.  After I press Login, I got "
NEW CVSROOT: ouyang at 2000mothra:d:/cvsrepo/ascent (password authentication)
cvs login ".  I don't have the prompt that I can type my domain password.
Q.  Do you know what's wrong for the whole setting that I did?

I am new for setting up CVS on Microsoft Window.  I tested on the Windows
2000 server.  I can use "cvs checkout CVSROOT" to checkout the module.  I
would be appreciated that if you know what is wrong on my setting.  Thank
you very much in advance for your help!!!!

"Bo Berglund" <bo.berglund at telia.com> wrote in message
news:<3c57170b.177159000 at news.cvsnt.org>...
> On Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:32:49 +0000 (UTC), "Sunny Ouyang"
> <ouyang at orion-sys.com> wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I set up cvsnt on Windows 2000 server.  If I choose ntserver under Admin,
> >preferences, then select login, I got
> >"NEW CVSROOT:adminsitrator at 2000mothra:\cvs (NT server services
> >Set the password authentication first in the preferences!"
> >
> >Actually, I created password file under \\2000mothra\c:\cvs\CVSROOT.  But
> >don't know where is config file.  So I couldn't set SystemAuth=Yes.
> >
> You don't login when using the ntserver protocol!
> Simply set the protocol details and make your connection.
> WinCvs uses the login you gave when you logged on to your W2000
> workstation.
> /Bo
> (Bo Berglund, developer in Sweden)
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