[Cvsnt] Questions about Bo's CVSMailer

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at telia.com
Wed Jun 26 17:36:01 BST 2002

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the CVSMailer program was developed by me to handle the email at a few
sites I maintain. The contents of the ini file is a bit confusing, the
entries are really used during development only.
But une by one:
1) The prefix in the ini file is used to help CVSMailer find the
correct users and loginfousers files. When CVSNT is set up without
activating the prefix then the variable $CVSROOT passed to the program
contains the absolute path to the repository root, so I just add
/CVSROOT/loginfousers to find the file. But with the prefix turned on
$CVSROOT only returns the repository root relative to the prefix.
Hence my need for this ini entry. You should be fine leaving it empty.

2) The recipients entries in the ini file was for debugging before the
loginfousers file was created. Please disregard, I will remove it

3) Same goes for the users in the ini file. Old stuff that should have
been deleted before I posted it.

4) How to specify a limited set of users?
This is a valid question. I have thought about it a bit but not done
enything yet. As things stand now *all* subscribed users get email
always including the guy doing the commit.
I have an idea of either supporting a list of users on the command
line or having users in different sections in the loginfousers file.
Don't know what to do really.

5) CVSMailer is designed so it can be used both from loginfo and
notify scripts. These send different input to CVSMailer so i need to
know how to handle this. The first parameter can be one of -l or -n,
where -n is used in the notify script.
You got the other parameters right.

6) After some changes I made the sender is the user that is identified
by the $USER parameter. I did this so that the recievers could
directly reply to the email and it would go to the guy who did the
commit. Previously (during development....) I thought that I must have
a user specially for this.
You can still fix this but not in the ini file. Replace $USER on the
command line with the login of the user you want to be the sender and
he will bi so indicated. But it has the side effect that he will be
blamed for the commit too..
I will have to look into changing this around a bit so that a fixed
sender can be used and still have the correct name for the guy doing
the commit.


On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:03:55 +0000 (UTC), weidl at intersites.com (Eric
Weidl) wrote:

>I'm trying to get Bo's CVSMailer utility up and running and I have a few
>1) For the CVSNTPrefix initialization parameter, the readme says "when
>CVSNT is set up with prefix this must be specified". What do we put if
>CVSNT is not set up with a prefix? Blank seems to be working, but I'd like
>to have confirmation.
>2) The example cvsmailer.ini file has an initialization parameter named
>'Recipient1'. This parameter isn't documented in the readme. What is it for?
>3) There are Users listed in the CVSUsers section of the ini and in the
>'CVSROOT/users' files. They also use different formats (e.g. in the readme,
>it gives 'User1=bosse:"Bo Berglund <bo.berglund at somedomain.com>', while it
>shows 'bosse:"Bo Berglund <bo.berglund at mydomain.se>"' as an example in the
>users file).
>Why are users specified in so many places? Which user is used when?
>4) Another user question. How do I specify that only certain users should
>get emails for certain projects? The way the readme is set up, it appears
>that every "subscribed" user (whatever that is) gets emails on every
>commit. I only want certain users to get emails when certain projects have
>files committed. I think I could probably control this by setting regular
>expressions in the loginfo file, but if someone could give me an example
>with CVSMailer, I'd appreciate it. Part of my confusion on this stems from
>my general confusion about the (seeming to me at least) multitude of places
>where users can be specified in the configuration files.
>5) The readme shows "ALL CVSMailer -l $USER $CVSROOT %{sVv}" as the entry
>to add to the loginfo file to get emails sent when a file is committed.
>What is the -l argument? I assume $USER is the CVS name of the user
>committing the file, and $CVSROOT is the server CVSROOT. Is that correct?
>6) I set the Sender and SenderName values in the ini file to be a valid
>user on our mail server ("cvs at ourserver.ourcompany.com" and "CVS Robot",
>respectively). When I checked the CVSMailer log, it seems that it is not
>using that address when sending messages. Here's a slightly edited version
>from the log file:
>20020626 09:28:25 DEBUG: From (addr): me at somwhere.com
>20020626 09:28:25 DEBUG: From (name): A Developer
>Seems to me that CVSMailer is not using the account I specify to use in the
>ini file.
>Thanks in advance for any help.
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