[Cvsnt] Can't see repository in WinCVS 1.3

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at telia.com
Thu May 2 23:47:27 BST 2002

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the Modules pane should display only the contents of your checked out
It is used to quickly switch between checked out modules on your hard disk,
to browse the server repository.

If you look in the top toolbar row you will find a combobox in the center
and next
to it (right side) a button with two folders. This is where you change
checked out workspaces on your hard disk. You must define a workspace for
using the button, after this is done this selection is in the combobox list
quick selection in the future.
Per default (stupidly!) installation c:\ is added to this list and I advice
that you
remove it ASAP. Do as follows:
Select the item c:\ in the combobox, then press the Delete key on your
Answer OK on the question to delete from the list. Now the drive root is

Regarding pencils
This is how WinCvs tells you if a file is editable or read-only. I always
check out
modules r/w but some prefer to check out read only and then when they start
a file they use the 'Edit' command on the file to tell CVS that they are
starting the
edit session. In cases where email notification is set up this action
triggers an
email to people watching this file and thus provides some kind of
information across
people editing the same file.
But otherwise there is no real use for this mode.

Repositories and browsing
I guess that you are just evaluating CVS and that is the reason you keep
the repository on your own PC. The normal configuration is to have CVSNT as
a server
on a separate PC on the network and the WinCvs client on workstations. In
this case
there is no way to browse the repository contents except using the CVSWeb
on the CVS server.
This might change in the future though, because Tony Hoyle (the maintainer
has added a nifty command for cvs that can be used to create a browser
directly in
WinCvs. The command is cvs ls and it lists the directories and files on the
(given proper command arguments of course). Enough data to make a browsing
view of
the repository.
If I was any good at C++ I would volonteer to program this browser, but I am
only a
poor ObjectPascal sod so I can't do that.....

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Hi Bo,

Thank you for your reply and for the references!

So, in WinCvs, in the "Modules" pane, it displays the entire directory
structure on my machine starting at C:\. When I open the folders it displays
my files with pencil icons next to them. Some of the pencils have a
cross-out mark. What do these mean? This is what gave me the impression that
I could 'browse' the repository.

Do you know if there is a way to prevent CVSWin from displaying C:\
(everything on my hard-drive) and displaying only files under CVS control?
Do you know what the purpose is for the "Module" pane if we cannot browse
modules? Is it to see configuration files?

I apologize if my questions seem a little goofy, its just that CVS seems a
little counter-intuitive to me (unlike what I have used in the past).

Thank you again for your help!

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You cannot 'see' anything in the repository at all! The CVS system has
no method of displaying the contents of the repository or allow a user
to 'browse' for some interesting stuff to check out. It is simply not

What you do with CVS is:
1. Set up the server with a repository folder (all version controlled
files get information about them stored here by the server, but it is
in a special non-usable format for your development application).

2. Import a source module into CVS using the import command

3. Check out the imported module to a working area on your local hard
disk. This is the step you missed and it is crucial, you MUST do this.
The checkout must be done to an empty workspace because cvs needs to
set up some local directories for version control as well. The
directory from which you imported the files is not usable for a
working area.
Note that in this step you must *know* the name of the module on the
server because there is no way for you to browse the repository.

4. Develop your application in the working area by editing the source
files there.

5. As often as you like you commit your changes to the cvs server
which keeps track of every single committed revision for all coming
time. You can get every one back out later.

Repeat cycle 4-5 as often as you need.

Note on browsing:
There is a way to add a second service to the cvs server so that you
can 'browse' the contents of the repository. This is by adding CVSWeb
to the server. But then you also need to add a web server to the
server PC (Microsoft Internet Information Server) because it runs as a
web browsing service.

More to read:



On Thu, 2 May 2002 02:16:55 +0000 (UTC), "Durante, Elsa"
<elsa_durante at hp.com> wrote:

>I just installed CVSNT on my server with Environment Variables
>CVSROOT as :ntserver:servername:c:/cvs and HOME as C:/  I am using CVSWin
> on the same machine (this is a test installation). I am logged in
>with my NT domain account which has administrator access to all
>I can open CVSWin just fine. I can see everything in the C: drive
>the CVS repository C:/cvs. I created another repository root C:/TEST using
>the applet. I move to the TEST directory and try to add a new project by
>going to Create/Import Module.... I then select a directory on a diskette.
>add it and it says it does it with success (no error messages). The new
>module does not appear in the TEST directory, instead it ends up in the
>C:/cvs directory which is the directory I cannot see in WinCVS.  My
>expectation is that the new directory will appear in the TEST directory. Am
>I missing something here?
>Also, does anyone know of any good documentation on CVSNT? It seems like
>slim pickins for Windows people.
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