[cvsnt] CVSNT client hangs when using compression with 1.11.2 UNIX pserver

Elliot Murphy elliot.murphy at veritas.com
Tue Oct 8 21:03:01 BST 2002

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I switched to CVSNT_1_11_1_3_REL branch, rebuilt, and still see the exact
same problem.
As Torsten noticed, this does only happen when connecting to "plain" cvs
1.11.2, and
only when using compression.

When trying the same thing connecting to cvs 1.11.1p1 (like the ones on
sourceforge), the problem doesn't happen.

Note also that this doesn't seem to have anything to do with which CVS
command you run. The version command was just a nice simple one to step
through and prove that the problem is in the disconnect, not in the command.


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Subject: Re: [cvsnt] CVSNT client hangs when using compression with 1.11.2
UNIX pserve r

Other users have reported the same behaviour with CVSNT build 57h and 57i.

Bo, are your tests also against a _UNIX_ server (not CVSNT on Unix, but
"plain" CVS)?


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Subject: Re: [cvsnt] CVSNT client hangs when using compression with 1.11.2
UNIX pserve r

> Do yourself a favour and check out the branch:
> CVSNT_1_11_1_3_REL
> instead of HEAD.
> There are all kinds of strange stuff going on at HEAD, it is really
> alpha code (as witnessed by the version output). Don't expect it to
> work problem free.
> The REL branch is much safer because Tony only sends updates there
> after rather a lot of testing.
> /Bo
> BTW: My tests with build 57h work just fine.
> On Mon, 7 Oct 2002 16:25:23 -0400, Elliot Murphy
> <elliot.murphy at veritas.com> wrote:
> >Hello,
> > 
> >I am seeing a problem where the CVSNT client blocks at buf_shutdown when
> >connected to a UNIX pserver. I initially started seeing this problem when
> >one of the CVS servers that I connect to upgraded to CVS 1.11.2. I have
> >this with a number of different versions of the CVSNT client, and have
> >verified that it does not happen with the 1.11.2 Win32 client that is
> >available from www.cvshome.org <http://www.cvshome.org> . In order to get
> >more information about what is happening, I checked out the latest cvsnt
> >source a couple of hours ago and built a debug version of the client.
> > 
> >I am running the command:
> >cvs -z 3 version
> > 
> >The output is this:
> >Client: Concurrent Versions System (CVSNT) Alpha 2 (Nightly
> >Debug Build 61) (client/server)
> >Server: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.2 (client/server)
> > 
> >At this point the client is in get_responses_and_close(). The call to
> >buf_shutdown(to_server) appears to go through just fine, and then the
> >to buf_shutdown(from_server) blocks. I have traced into
> >buf_shutdown(from_server), and it is blocking in a recv() call. The call
> >stack looks like this:
> > 
> >   <mailto:wsock32.dll!_recv at 16> wsock32.dll!_recv at 16()  
> >  pserver_protocol.dll!tcp_read_raw(void * data=0x00af0000, int
> >length=0x00001000)  Line 205 + 0x19 C
> >  pserver_protocol.dll!pserver_read_data(const protocol_interface *
> >protocol=0x1001a550, void * data=0x00af0000, int length=0x00001000)  Line
> >278 + 0x10 C
> >  cvs.exe!client_buffer_input(void * closure=0x003a78a0, char *
> >data=0x00af0000, int need=0x00000001, int size=0x00001000, int *
> >got=0x0012f3f0)  Line 567 + 0x18 C
> >  cvs.exe!buf_read_line(buffer * buf=0x003a78e0, char * *
> >int * lenp=0x0012f548)  Line 818 + 0x1d C
> >  cvs.exe!read_line(char * * resultp=0x0012f65c)  Line 640 + 0x14 C
> >  cvs.exe!get_server_responses()  Line 3240 + 0x9 C
> >  cvs.exe!start_server(int verify_only=0x00000000)  Line 3627 + 0x5 C
> >  cvs.exe!cvsguiglue_main(int argc=0x00000001, char * * argv=0x003a635c)
> >Line 1126 + 0x7 C
> >  cvs.exe!main(int argc=0x00000003, char * * argv=0x003a6040)  Line 222 +
> >0x2a C
> >
> >The problem only happens when I use compression, which is consistent with
> >the comments near buf_shutdown(). I have no control over the CVS server
> >I am connecting to, and I doubt the sysadmin there will be very
> >to me since the "plain" 1.11.2 cvs client does not exhibit this behavior.
> > 
> >Any ideas about what might be causing this problem? I'm happy to debug
> >further if more information would be helpful.

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