[cvsnt] can't compile cvsnt, *addrinfo not defined for Service.cpp

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at system3r.se
Sun Sep 1 10:22:43 BST 2002

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On Sat, 31 Aug 2002 19:57:01 +0200, "Torsten Martinsen"
<torsten at tiscali.dk> wrote:

>You have probably not registered the Platform SDK with MSVC: =
>Start/Programs/Microsoft Platform SDK/Visual Studio =
>Registration/Register PSDK Directories with Visual Studio

Well, I had actually. But I had not installed the 64 bit versions of
the SDK files since I felt these to be noninteresting. This is what
caused the error. So the 64-bit files *are* needed.
But after this I got other errors as well that I have now solved. So
for all interested I have written down what is needed to get the cvsnt
into compilable state, that is anyway what I had to do to reach the
1. Install Visual Studio 6
2. Install Visual Studio Service Pack 5
3. Install platform SDK:
   - Core Files
   - Internet development
   Note1: The 64 bit SDK files *must* be included
   Note2: The registration with Visual Studio must be done
4. Check out the cvsnt module from
:pserver:cvs at cvs.cvsnt.org:/usr/local/cvs (blank password)
5. Get the kerberos files from:
6. Unpack into <project location>/cvsnt/krb5
7. Install TCL
8. Install Python 2.2
9. In Visual studio Tools/Options/Directories/Include files check/add
the following paths:
   C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\Include
   C:\Program Files\Visual Studio\VC98\INCLUDE
   C:\Program Files\Visual Studio\VC98\MFC\INCLUDE
   C:\Program Files\Visual Studio\VC98\ATL\INCLUDE
   C:\Programs\TCL\INCLUDE  (use your own TCL install path)
   C:\Programs\Python22\Include  (use your own Python install path)
   C:\Projects\CVSNT\KRB5\INCLUDE  (use your own project root for
10. In Visual studio Tools/Options/Directories/Library files check/add
the following paths:
   C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\Lib
   C:\Program Files\Visual Studio\VC98\LIB
   C:\Program Files\Visual Studio\VC98\MFC\LIB
   C:\Programs\TCL\LIB  (use your own TCL install path)
   C:\Programs\Python22\LIBS  (use your own Python install path)
   C:\Projects\CVSNT\KRB5\LIB  (use your own project root for CVSNT)

Now the cvsnt module should compile finally....

/Bo Berglund

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