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Bo Berglund bo.berglund at telia.com
Mon Sep 2 06:32:52 BST 2002

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A *really long shot*:
What happens if you rename the pserver_protocol.dll to
pserver_protocol.dll.old and then make a copy of the sspi_protocol.dll
with the name pserver_protocol.dll?
These two are very similar in that they can accept the user at server
part of the CVSROOT string. But I guess that the pserver part of the
string will break this idea?


On Sun, 01 Sep 2002 23:32:45 -0400, Avery Regier
<ajregier at earthlink.net> wrote:

>I am attempting to get CVSNT to work well with the Eclipse development 
>environment for my team to use.  Eclipse as a client has only three 
>protocols built in: pserver, ssh, and ext.  All of our team are working 
>on Windows 2000 boxes.  I had it working ok with pserver using NT 
>network logins when the server was in the same domain as the clients. 
>Due to some changes the network admins needed to make, the server is no 
>longer in the same domain as the client, and I cannot for the life of me 
>get authentication to work.
>Check that:  it did work for a little while for some users.  That is, 
>until they connected to a network share on the same box!  Before 
>connecting to the share it works fine.  After connecting (even if you 
>are no longer connected to the share) you can never get pserver to work 
>again.  I see the same behaviour outside of eclipse using the normal 
>cvsnt client in pserver mode.  I've tried every combination of 
>configurations I can find.  I've tried using the domain\user syntax that 
>the documentation says should work and it just won't.  I've given the 
>SYSTEM account permissions up the wazoo.  All through this ntserver and 
>sspi modes work fine, but they aren't available from pserver.
>As a temporary measure so that the team could continue work I moved the 
>cvs server onto a local workstation that is in the same domain. 
>However, Eclipse is constantly relogging in to the cvs whenever it does 
>an operation and the authentication takes a good 30 seconds on this 
>workstation.  It is not a good situation.
>(If anyone has any ideas to fix the problems above, I would love to hear 
>Considering that ntserver access is smoking fast compared with pserver 
>and sspi works as well, I'd like to build an Eclipse plugin that uses 
>ntserver or sspi or both and contribute it to the CVSNT project.  I've 
>figured out how to do the Eclpse side of things, but the cvsnt code is 
>rather confusing.  I'm not sure if the 'protocols' directory contains 
>the server side protocols, the client side protocols, or both.  What I'd 
>like to do is build a JNI module that bridges the existing ntserver or 
>sspi client C code.
>I'm also having troubles getting the cvsnt code to compile within the 
>Eclipse C environment.  (I'm using MinGW.)  It seems to you have to run 
>the configure script to get a good makefile, but you can't run configure 
>without sh.  I could use Cygwin, but I don't want what I compile to be 
>dependent on Cygwin.
>If you could give me any pointers, encouragements, discouragements, or 
>2x4s over the head it would be appreciated.
>Avery J. Regier

(Bo Berglund, developer in Sweden)

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