[cvsnt] Latest on Virus Scan?

Lawson.Reed Reed.Lawson at IGT.com
Fri Jun 27 02:12:43 BST 2003

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Thank you Glen. I agree. I could not find anything 
about this on the Wiki. It should at least be in
the FAQ.

One thing I need an answer on though is this:
==> Is it just Norton, or does this problem occur with
    McAfee too? <==
Because if McAfee will work, my problem is solved.
I fear that my IS department WILL want to run AV on
the CVS directory because that is where most of the
activity will be.

I am with you 100% that AV has gone completely
overboard, BUT, it's not my decision. This company
hired the most paranoid IS people they could find
ON PURPOSE. They WANT as secure a system as they 
can have. So, naturally, AV is part of that. 

I really want this issue addressed because if they
put their foot down on this, I've just wasted 
2 months of my life gearing up for this switch.
Guess I should have thought of this before, but
I guess I was just hoping it would be addressed
by now.

Thanks for the help.
Reed Lawson
IGT Firmware Engineering
(775) 448-0755

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> Someone should post this to the wiki and/or FAQ as it comes 
> up rather often.
> The following is from an earlier post of mine on the subject. 
>  Others have
> indicated that they are using CVSNT with realtime scan on 
> servers that are
> lightly loaded with no problems.  From the posts I believe 
> most of the bad
> behavior would happen on heavily loaded servers only.
> Since it seems the directory exclusion works reasonably well, 
> that would
> likely be a good meeting ground.  IMHO AV scanning has gone totally
> overboard--files are scanned on the client, on the way to the 
> server, on the
> server HDD, every time someone opens it by the server AND the 
> client...  Too
> much effort in redundancy, not enough in consistency.
> I don't believe anyone is working with the AV vendors to seek 
> resolution.
> IIRC, Tony has indicated it is more a problem with the way NT 
> handles some
> of the file I/O calls, specifically that some are not atomic and locks
> remain after the handle is closed.
> Others please embellish / correct as needed.
> >>>>
> I have ours set up to ignore all the CVS directories, and 
> that seems to work
> OK but my CVS server is very lightly used at the moment.
> We are using Norton AV corp ed. 7.60.926 with File System 
> Realtime prot
> enables but "Exclude selected files and folders" with "Check file for
> exclusions before scanning" and all the CVS repository & temp 
> directories
> excluded.  Note without the "check file for exclusion before 
> scanning" NAV
> would *still* scan the files... it just wouldn't 
> block/log/fix anything.
> <<<<
> Glen Starrett
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Subject: [cvsnt] Latest on Virus Scan?


I know that earlier this year, there was talk of
Virus scanners causing CVSNT to corrupt files
(or was it the Virus Scanner corrupting files?)

What is the latest on this? Any progress with those guys?
Is it just Norton, or is it McAfee too?

Reason I ask is because we are about to
go live here with CVSNT on Win2003 Server
and I know our very paranoid IS department
here is going to Freak Out when I tell them
that we can't run the Virus Scanner on this
server. They will probably just put their
foot down and say "No".

(and it didn't help that I just contracted this
stupid Sobig.e at mm worm that is going around)

Reed Lawson
IGT Firmware Engineering
(775) 448-0755

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