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Welcome to This is True! Your subscription has been successfully
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PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE and keep it for future reference. It covers
  several topics:

++ Introduction
++ E-Mail Privacy
++ TRUE's Acceptable Uses ("Forwarding")
++ HOW TO CHANGE Your Address or 'UNsubscribe'
++ Other This is True Services and Products
++ Contacting Us

We're glad to have you aboard. We hope you enjoy TRUE!

++ INTRODUCTION ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

THIS is TRUE is a weekly syndicated newspaper column by Randy Cassingham
  that summarizes recent bizarre-but-TRUE news stories from the world's
  "legitimate" press. Each story is punctuated by Randy's wild, often
  ironic, and sometimes rather opinionated comments. It started online
  in 1994.

EACH COLUMN is 7-9 short stories, plus a true "headline of the week",
  plus some notes at the bottom from Randy, such as reader mail and
  other items of interest. The FREE distribution of "This is True"
  delivers about HALF the 7-9 stories, and is sent each weekend. This
  free distribution is subsidized by advertising in the text. Ads are
  generally limited to 7 lines each, and are clearly marked so you know
  it isn't part of the editorial text. We NEVER send separate ads-only
  messages, and NEVER give your e-mail address to advertisers. See below
  for privacy info and details on our "Premium" subscription to get ALL
  the stories.

++ E-MAIL PRIVACY ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

WE *HATE* JUNK MAIL! "Spam" mail is the bane of the Internet. If you
  aren't bothered by it, you probably will be soon. We REFUSE to add to
  this illegitimate use of the Internet: we not only WILL NOT provide
  your e-mail address to ANY advertiser, we actually work rather hard to
  keep it secret. You don't have to request that your e-mail address be
  "concealed" -- we "conceal" ALL subscriber addresses. To see our
  privacy policy, browse http://www.thisistrue.com/privacy.html

THIS IS TRUE has been very proactive in educating Internet users about
  what spam is, why it's bad, and what can be done about it. We
  encourage you to learn more -- the more you know about spam and e-mail
  scams, the less likely YOU will be victimized by it. Please visit our
  SPAM PRIMER at http://www.SpamPrimer.com

++ TRUE's ACCEPTABLE USES ("Forwarding") +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

TRUE *IS* copyrighted, all rights reserved worldwide. This means that
  TRUE may NOT be copied, stored, archived, reprinted or broadcast
  without prior, written permission. NOTE that permission is granted to
  manually forward individual copies of the free e-mail edition of TRUE
  to your friends, PROVIDED that you copy it in its entirety from the
  title and byline at the top through the end of the copyright notice
  at the bottom, AND so long as no fee is charged for the forwarding.
->Please note, however, this permission DOES NOT extend to posting on
  BBSs or automatic retransmissions via mailing lists or reflectors, or
  ANY commercial use! We REQUEST that you do not forward TRUE more
  than three times to any one person -- if your friends like TRUE, we
  prefer they get their own subscription. WE OFTEN REWARD READERS WHO

TERMS OF SERVICE: This is True's free edition is offered without charge
  for your personal use. In return for your free subscription, you agree
  to abide by the terms of the copyright notice included in each issue,
  and you agree that you are responsible for maintaining your own
  subscription, including changing your own address or stopping your
  subscription when you choose. Unsubscribe instructions are included in
  every issue and in the next section.

++ HOW TO CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS OR UNSUBSCRIBE +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

THE ASTOUNDINGLY EASY way to unsubscribe is to simply click on the
  "mailto:" link at the bottom of every issue. OR you can FORWARD *any*
  issue to leave-this-is-true at lyris.net . Both methods work even if you
  have changed your address and can no longer send mail from your old
  address. Unsubscribe instructions are included in EVERY issue AND in
  great detail our web site at http://www.thisistrue.com/change.html

TO SUBSCRIBE AGAIN, you can enter your address via the web interface, or
  you can send an e-mail FROM THE ADDRESS YOU WANT SUBSCRIBED to
  join-this-is-true at lyris.net -- it doesn't really matter what the
  subject or message says.

TO CHANGE your address, just unsubscribe the old and resubscribe from
  your new address.

++ OTHER THIS IS TRUE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

THERE ARE *TWO* FEEDS of "This is True". This welcome message is sent to
  those who have subscribed to the FREE feed. On this feed, TRUE is sent
  out most every week with about half the stories from the column. It is
  sent about a week after the header date to give our paying clients a
  short "exclusive". There are NO online archives (if you find any,
  please let us know all about it -- they are violating our copyright,
  and we often reward people who notify us of copyright infringements!)

THE OTHER FEED is our "Premium" subscription. Premium subscribers get
  several special benefits:
 + YOUR copy of TRUE will go out sooner than the free feed by several
   days -- not the week or so delay of the free feed
 + Premium edition contains the ENTIRE column and is sent EVERY week --
   even when there isn't a free transmission) -- you'll get about DOUBLE
   the TRUE!
 + NO inline/third-party advertising
 + A 20% discount on "This is True" books. No special coupons required,
   no minimums, no maximums.

  -- all for just $20 per year. http://www.thisistrue.com/upgrade.html
  has details and order info.

EACH YEAR, the This is True columns are compiled into book form, with
  more than 500 TRUE stories and weird headlines per volume. The books
  make GREAT gifts. We've NEVER had one returned under our satisfaction
  guarantee -- they're THAT FUN! The books also contain many EXTRA
  stories and headlines that didn't make it into the weekly columns.
  For secure ordering, see https://secure.thisistrue.com

++ CONTACTING US +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We welcome thoughtful comments, positive or negative -- see our web
  site for a sampling of the comments received so far. Then tell us
  what YOU think: e-mail the author at arcie at thisistrue.com or via
  snail mail: Randy Cassingham, Freelance Communications, PO Box 668,
  Ridgway CO 81432 USA.

Internet distribution of "This is True" is sponsored by Lyris, Inc.,
  creators of the innovative Lyris mailing list software. Details:

THANKS MUCH for subscribing. We hope you enjoy TRUE!

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