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Wed Sep 1 03:25:21 BST 2004

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no, no, not at all.  I'd expect to see something like this:

1.18         (keith    17-Aug-04):class CMyClass : public COtherClass
1.18         (keith    17-Aug-04):{
1.18         (keith    17-Aug-04):     CMyClass();
1.13         (keith    14-Aug-04):class CMyClass : public COtherClass
1.13         (keith    14-Aug-04):{
1.13         (keith    14-Aug-04):     CMyClass( BOOL myParam );

with the amount of context being selectable.  Or, perhaps we could do a series 
of diff commands, so that it would detect (using annotate, perhaps) where the 
lines in question last changed, then print the diff, but only for those lines...



Aaron Kynaston wrote:
> for #1 - you mean like some automated running of diff combined with
> log?
> What do you expect the outcome to be?  A file with the differences with
> the user name next to it?
>>>>"keith d. zimmerman" <lists at kdz13.net> 08/30/04 1:40 PM >>>
> Hi list,
> I'm just going to drop this out here, because there's two things I'd 
> like to do with cvs that look like they'll require scripts or
> something. 
>    There may be existing scripts, or I may have to write them myself. 
> And since this list has helped before with whacky ideas I've had,
> here's 
> two more.  Comments/Ideas please.....
> 1.  History of this line/these lines:  I'd like to do a combination of
> the annotate and log commands.  I want to see who changed these lines,
> what they were before, all the way to the beginning of time.  Since the
> lines in question may have changed 10 times, and the file may have 300
> revisions, searching for the answer to this question manually can take
> a 
> while.
> 2.  ok, i just went on break between the two and forgot what the second
> one was.... I'll post later if it comes up again  ;)
> thanks,
> -kz
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