[cvsnt] Re: Moving from CVS to CVSNT - tips?

Steve root at
Tue Aug 2 21:44:36 BST 2005

On 2/8/05 20:58, in article dcoj9t$4nd$1 at paris.nodomain.org, "Tony Hoyle"
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> Steve wrote:
>> At the moment, all I'm looking for is advice on how to transfer our
>> repository from CVS to CVSNT, pitfalls to consider, etc.
> The repository is compatible in that you can just use your cvs
> repository with cvsnt and it (should) all work OK.
>> (Am I right in thinking this is a one way trip - once we're up and running
>> with CVSNT, there's no going back to plain CVS?)
> It's probably still technically possible, but quite difficult I'd imagine.
> Try it first on a backup of your main repository and see how you get on..

Absolutely! :-)

> Renaming is pretty quirky (still marked as experimental) although it
> does work provided you don't try to move files around with it - I find I
> have to update a couple of times before the client works out what's
> going on... the cvsnt repository itself has many renamed files on it (.c
> to .cpp mostly).

Actually, we're more likely to be moving files between directories rather
than just renaming them in the same directory - we're looking to restructure
a few directories but not break older projects that rely on the old

> 2.6.x will fix that (and allow directory rename) but it'll be a major
> upgrade & won't be stable for a while yet.

Directory rename - does that include move?

Is a future roadmap for CVSNT available anywhere?

Thanks Tony.


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