[cvsnt] how enable checkout restriction

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1. Set the owner of the folder:  cvs chown <ownerid>
1.5 To see the attribute file, run: cvs lsacl <--See note below
2. Set the permission for the owner:  cvs chacl -u <ownerid> -a 
3. Set the permission for others you want to have access:  cvs chacl -u 
<userid> -a read,write,tag,create,nocontrol
4. Set the default permission for everyone else. Note no userid given: cvs 
chacl -a noread,nowrite,notag,nocreate,nocontrol

NOTE: Depending what version of CVSNT you are using, you may get strange 
control characters and/or malformed XML, and this will require hand 
editing or a script to edit & repair the fileattr.xml access file.  Email 
me if you get a "malformed attribute file" error message and I'll talk you 
through correcting it.

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Can anyone answer on my question?

How to apply ACL deny restriction for checkout some files on module?


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Hello All,

I am setup acl on linux/2.5.01 (Travis) Build 1976
But I have some question:

I have module test, and in this module 3 files file_ok,file_bad and file.
One user (test_user) must have permission on all in this module without

What I doing:
Cvs co test
Cvs chacl -a all -u test_user test
Cd test
Cvs chacl -a none -u test_user file_bad

But result of this command is strange:

User test_user can checkout module test _with_ file_bad (where ACL?!), but
can't commit and update file_bad (at this operation ACL work fine).

How I can setup ACL for checkout module test without file_bad?

Thanks for any help,

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