[cvsnt] Re: Possible agent optimizations?

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Mon Aug 22 11:21:33 BST 2005

Oliver Giesen wrote:
> I have been wondering for a while if it might be possible to tewak the
> agent functionality a bit:
> * It seems the cvsagent password popup is never focused when it comes
> up (though it always is on top). I always have to Alt-Tab to it or use
> the mouse. Could this be changed?

No, since it's not the active application.  It tries to set focus on 
itself but Windows has rules that don't allow that.

> It seems the latter two issues might be solved by changing the logic to
> only use cvsagent when all other alternatives of getting at
> authentication info have been exhausted or am I missing something
> obvious here?

The agent just pops up when cvsnt requests the password from its 
password cache and there is no stored password - which is basically as 
you describe.  If you dont want it popping up just use cvs login or quit 
the agent.


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