[cvsnt] Re: RFE:Parameter similar to "-f" on update command

Henrik Wahlberg hwahlbergexcel at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 16:18:12 BST 2005

Gerhard Fiedler wrote:

> Henrik Wahlberg wrote:
>>>I can see what you're doing here, but I probably would use a tag IFS_711_A
>>>for the /complete/ set of files of release IFS_711 for customer A. I'm not
>>>a fan of partial tagging... 
>>We have been discussing that, and that would have to negative sideeffects:
>>   1) it would be impossible to review/list those files specially 
>>modified for costumer 'A'
>>    2) When IFS_712 is released, I'd have some tagging problems, 
>>detecting where to place the IFS_712_A tag. I cant use IFS_711A, as it's 
>>  definately wrong on base files (those not modified for that costumer).
>>But I could update to stickytag IFS_712 and then tag all files as 
>>IFS_712_A, then stickytag to Costumer_A (removing all other files on the 
>>sandbox) and  move IFS_712_A on these files. then I should have a 
>>useable combination of IFS_712 and Costumer_A so we we can start our 
>>automated build.
> Hm... wouldn't this be a case for a Customer_A /branch/ rather than tag? It
The costumer changes are in a branch. One branch may then be valid for 
more than one costumer. (costumer tag determins this)
But branch or tag doesn't really make the situation different.

I know, that only one costumer tag and several release tags may prevent 
to get back to a certain release/costumer combinoation. But in my shop 
that's irrelevant. Should need be, we have scripts that log all tag 
moves, so getting back to a certain tag/revision on a costumer tag in 
only tiresome work. But again highly unlikely. (The same taglog is 
actually our backup in case of tagging accidents.)

> seems you have a large set of base files with a few configuration-type
> files for specific customers. You'd just merge in the IFS_712 main line
> code into the Customer_A branch, and given that you don't touch the large
> majority of files on the branch, you get an easy merge.
> You'd still have a difficulty seeing which files are modified on the
> branch. 
As long as they carry the costumer tag, that's no problem.
A simple python script (uploaded to the yahoo WinCVS filesite long time 
ago) does this.
A similar script would easily do what this rfe requires, but
   1) my build engine is ant based. Not WinCVS based.
   2) My developers use primarily eclipse, -> no python.

There was a discussion some time ago when someone wanted to move
> the branching point; this would be another case where this feature could
> help.
I dont se the resemblence. I don't intend to mowe anything.
I only whish CVS was able to do things in steps.
    Step 1.   Select files for a certain baseline from one tag
    Step 2.   Overwrite some files carrying a special tag leaving others 
as they were instead of forcing them to head.

Thanks and regards. Henrik.

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