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Bo Berglund Bo.Berglund at
Sun Oct 30 15:30:58 GMT 2005

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Dear Jakob,
the post by me that you reference is quite old (I'd say more than a year old or so) and
it applies to a rather peculiar configuration that we no longer have. At the time we had
our original structure where we had a separate *repository* for certain types of files and
projects and so we could not us ethe modules or modules2 admin files to define virtual
modules. Instead we used batch files that were checked out in the main project and when
executed they checked out the dependent files.
My problem at the time was caused by the fact that we tried to compress the path of the
dependent files when checked out to the project sandbox so we forced a folder on the
server that was say 4 levels deep to be checked out at one folder depth. But apparently
this made our version of CVSNT confused when it was time to do a project wide update.
Later we restructured the server to have all earlier separate repositories arranged as top
level modules insteads. After this we could use the modules file to manage the virtual
modules that we really wanted to use.
So inclding my earlier post into your query is really kind of misleading since you have
a completely different problem where you have used the cvs rename function (which we
are not even permitting on our server)...
Furthermore you should have also supplied details about your configuration, like
the version of cvs on both the server and the client (4-digit version please).
And also a sample session output which shows the problems is in order.
Sorry for top-posting, it is due to the fact that my newsreader cannot find the
cvsnt news server anymore. Apparently it is off-line at the moment. So I have to
use the email gateway and I use Outlook at work, hence the position of my text.

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	Ämne: [cvsnt] Re: Why "nothing known about" message?

	Hello everyone.
	I get the same error now, and no complicated modules are involved. What is
	involved is "cvs rename".
	I have a folder structure in my repository like root\a\b\c. I had a file in
	directory "b", which I first moved to directory "a" using cvs rename. Then
	later I moved it to directory "c" using cvs rename again. Now I get the
	"nothing known about ..." error every time I update my sandbox.
	How do I get rid of it?
	"Bo Berglund" <Bo.Berglund at> wrote in message
	news:mailman.15.1087570822.21094.cvsnt at
	I have set up a new module for a program I need to write.
	This is not defined in any modules or modules2 file, insetad I have just
	added the folder and the files of this Delphi project to an existing module.
	But this project needs a rather complex set of dependent files from other
	in several repositories (that's why modules or modules2 will not work).
	So I have created a batch file to check out the dependent files into
	in the new module. So right now I have:
	 |- A
	 |- B
	 |- C
	 |- D
	 |- E
	 |- F
	Some of these dependent modules are checked out in extenso (all contained
	But in some of them I have only needed a few files so I arranged the batch
	to check out only the wanted files.
	This works fine until I want to do an update from MainModule.
	At this time I get this response (with the real file/folder names):
	cvs server: Updating .
	M AOS2Scanner.cfg
	M AOS2Scanner.dof
	A AOS2Scanner.exe
	M AOS2Scanner.res
	M DependentModulesCheckout.bat
	M FormMain.dfm
	M FormMain.pas
	cvs server: Updating CellLayoutEdit
	cvs server: Updating GraphicItem
	cvs server: Updating IdObjects
	cvs server: Updating Sprite
	cvs server: Updating Utilities
	cvs server: nothing known about GraphicItem
	cvs server: nothing known about Sprite
	cvs server: Updating GraphicDefinitions
	cvs server: Updating GraphicItems
	cvs server: Updating Sprites
	***** CVS exited normally with code 0 *****
	Note that for some reason "nothing is known" about the GraphicItem and
	Sprite modules.
	(I have very similar module names Sprite vs. Sprites etc but they *are*
	Here is the CVS/Entries file from the MainModule:
	/AOS2Scanner.cfg/1.1/Thu Jun 17 14:25:15 2004//
	/sprites.csd/1.1/Wed Jun 16 13:03:28 2004//
	/FormMagazineView.dfm/1.1/Thu Jun 17 08:54:56 2004//
	/FormMain.dfm/1.1/Thu Jun 17 09:47:42 2004//
	/AOS2Scanner.dof/1.1/Thu Jun 17 14:25:16 2004//
	/AOS2Scanner.dpr/1.1/Thu Jun 17 13:51:00 2004//
	/magazine.mgd/1.1/Thu Jun 17 09:09:38 2004//
	/FormMagazineView.pas/1.1/Thu Jun 17 09:42:32 2004//
	/FormMain.pas/1.1/Thu Jun 17 10:03:34 2004//
	/AOS2Scanner.res/1.1/Thu Jun 17 14:25:10 2004/-kb/
	/DependentModulesCheckout.bat/1.2/Fri Jun 18 06:54:43 2004//
	If I manually enter the two "unknown" folders and do an update all is
	cvs ver
	Client: Concurrent Versions System (CVSNT) 2.0.34 (client/server)
	Server: Concurrent Versions System (CVSNT) 2.0.41 (client/server)
	Any ideas?
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