[cvsnt] Re: Converting from -kb to -kB (and defaulting to -kB in the future)

Jesse cvs at gamesthatwork.com
Tue Mar 28 00:17:45 BST 2006

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I haven't had time to run many tests, but I choose one file.  With 17 
versions using -kb it was 4.5 mb, the same 17 versions (albeit minus the 
comments) was 1.9 mb.  so the savings, at least in this one case, are huge.

(Compressed, it shrinks to 1.4mb, but I worry about how that would affect 
updating/committing time.  The server only has 512 mb of RAM).

Most of the files are .psds or .max files (I tested a .max).  You're right 
that compressed pictures probably don't delta well, but these are the source 
files, so they're all uncompressed.

As for the tortoise/binary thing, apparently I was vauge.  It's using the 
proper version of CVSNT, but when adding binary files, it defaults to -kb 
instead of -kB, and I was wondering if there was some way of changing that. 
Since I'm going to store deltas anyway, might as well be efficent about it.

But doing that for one file made me realize that I simply <em>have</em> to 
find a way to batch convert the files.

"Bo Berglund" <bo.berglund at telia.com> wrote in message 
news:6hog22tejrnc313s279pdq625bv37tl9m9 at 4ax.com...
> On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 16:14:23 -0500, "Jesse" <cvs at gamesthatwork.com>
> wrote:
>>I work for a small company, and set up a CVSNT server.  It was
>>primarilly set up for our programming staff, but the artists use it too. 
>>told them to simply flag all their files as binary in tortoise (they never
>>use ASCII files), but then they got huge.
>>So I finished RTFMing, and I noticed that it's not using binary diffs
>>between photoshop, etc. files.
>>So I went in, and tried admin -kB filename, but that didn't work.  I 
>>it's because there are already several revisions with the ascii type of
>>diffs.  Is there a way to (hopefully batch) convert the months of files 
>>revisions to use binary deltas instead?
>>Or does this not make the huge difference I think it will?
>>Also, is there a way to have tortoise ( default to using -kB 
>>binary files instead?
>>The only other solution is going to be me spending three days rebuilding
>>each file by hand.  And there getting the old versions of some of these
>>files will be a long process.
>>Thanks in advance!
> I am not sure, but the way the binary diff could ever work must be by
> recognizing some part of the committed binary file as non-changing and
> then it needs only extract and save the part that did change.
> This would work well with files like Microsoft Office documents being
> worked on since typically only a small part of the file is changed on
> each session (mostly text too). So the binary diff will be quite small
> and probably compressible as well.
> But you are talking about "artists" and "photoshop" which indicates
> that the files could be jpeg encoded or similar. For such files I have
> a gut feeling that whenever you open such a file in a paintshop kind
> of program and work on it and then save it as JPG, the whole file will
> be altered due to the 2D compression algorithms used. Therefore it is
> very hard to find any constant parts of the file and thus compute a
> binary diff worth anything.
> But I have not tried this myself yet so I cannot say for sure. Would
> be good to hear from a real life test. You seem to have the
> possibility to do this by extracting a number of already checked in
> revisions and then using these files to create a test file with kB
> storage. Please report your findings comparing this with the original.
> Concerning Tortoise, is there not a way to point Tortoise to an
> alternate CVSNT binary or does it have to reside in the Tortoise
> install directory? If there is you should be able to use the CVSNT
> version you have on your server.
> /Bo
> (Bo Berglund, developer in Sweden) 

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