[cvsnt] Force LF only?

JP Vossen jp at jpsdomain.org
Mon Sep 25 21:44:21 BST 2006

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I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I can't find the answer 
I need.  I've searched Google and the list archives, and I keep finding 
only -k+L, -kL or --lf (e.g. recent "--lf obsolete?" thread), NONE of 
which work for me.  Sorry if I missed something obvious, pointers 
gratefully accepted.

Short version:  How can I force my client-side to only ever use LF, and 
never use CRLF?  (Server side is not cvsnt.)

Long version:

I understand what it's doing and why, and in this case I don't care. 
For VPN reasons too painful to discuss, I need to check out using 
Windows and CVSNT, but I actually edit and execute (bash & Perl) on 
Linux (gotta love Samba).  Constantly using dos2unix is getting really 

If I try -lf I get (though on further reading it may be that I'm using 
it wrong):
	cvs: Obsolete --lf option used.  Please update your client.

If I try -kL or -k+L I get:
	cvs server: invalid RCS keyword expansion mode

My client is WinXP2 using cvsnt 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Build 2382, but the 
*server* is RHEL3 cvs-1.11.2-28 and I don't have any control over it. 
I'm tunneling over SSH using the built-it PuTTY stuff, if that matters, 
which I doubt.  NOT using Cygwin or anything else funky, but running 
CRLF bash and Perl scripts does not work on my systems.  They may be 
old, but they have to be, for compatibility with the production machines 
(sigh), so I'm stuck.

At one point, Tony said, "Checkout unix files on unix, and windows files 
on windows."  I can't!!!  I wish I could, believe me!  But I must check 
out on Windows using SSH (which virtually forces use of cvsnt, since 
Cygwin is way overkill [1]) and I must execute on Linux and as it is now 
it's a big pain.  (This would be trivial using SVN, but the back-end 
isn't and I can't change it. [2])


[1] I'm not the only person who is going to need to do this.  *I* could 
probably do it using some other tool, even Cygwin if I had too (great 
tool, just way overkill here).  But some of the others will not be able 
to handle the 50+ steps to get something else to work.  Cvsnt was by far 
the easiest to get working in the environment, and even it wasn't 
trivial (e.g. SSH keys & pagent) for some of the others.

[2] Someone in the "--lf obsolete?" thread suggested SVN can't do this. 
  It can, and it's sticky.  See 'svn propset' and "svn:eol-style  - One 
of 'native', 'LF', 'CR', 'CRLF'."  This can be set down to per-file 
granularity if you like, and there are also related config files settings.
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