[cvsnt] Commit of larger binary files into branch failswith

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Dec 1 04:17:26 GMT 2008

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Sascha Herrmann,

> Committing into MAIN works. So it only happens when we commit into a
> branch. Judging from the task manager, these operations seem to be
> totally different operations. Committing into a branch 
> crashes at about
> 800MB of working set, committing into MAIN just needs some 70MB.

Yes - we recommend that the majority of development occurs on the Trunk
because that is how CVS/CVSNT is optimised.  However even on a branch
the maximum memory used should by typically no more than 4 revisions

> I read that there is a bug in the C runtime of Windows, and I 
> read about the corresponding bug (4808?) in your bug system, but 
> I did not get if the fix went into the Open Source version of Zen 
> or not.

It's not so muc as a 'fix' as a 'workaround' and we are still evaluating
the results (which are quite varied).  The bug is in the Microsoft C
runtime - so this is a bug exclusive to windows.

The only 'real' solution is to do away with the C runtime library memory
alloc/dealloc in the windows builds.  The very latest CVS Suite 2008
(commercial edition) has experimental patches to do this, however it
just takes one spot where we've missed and it all comes crashing down...

If you are going to work with large binary files (or small binary files
with lots of revisions) then we recommend a 64 bit OS like SLES9, HPUX
11i or Solaris 9 Sparc (we currently have Windows x64 builds that we use
internally but until a customer 'pays' for it then we won't be releasing
and supporting such a thing).


Arthur Barrett

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