[cvsnt] sync-protocol questions

Carsten.Pfeiffer at gebit.de Carsten.Pfeiffer at gebit.de
Wed Oct 1 17:05:39 BST 2008

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Hi Arthur,

Arthur Barrett wrote on 29.09.2008 14:53:48:

> Someone would need to manually manage the merges or one would become
> authoratitive and the other not.  Lots of proposed (and even dangerously
> implemented) techniques for handling this are around including swful
> quarum based things - but they all create more problems than they solve.


> See my many previous posts about this issue:
Thanks for these pointers.

> If you are experiencing performance problems you are far better off
> describing the workflow you are using and the specific commands that
> cause performance problems (and the context of those commands) and being
> willing to look at traces and workflow and such things to find the
> problem and fix it at the source - any multi-repository/sync 'solution'
> to performance problems is generally a bandaid (however there are
> occasionally sound business reasons for it, and extremely rarely sound
> reasons to use it to solve performance issues).

Here's what we do:

The CVS server is located at location A, where some team members work.
CVS is fast for those guys.

Some other guys work at location B and have to connect to the CVS server
at location A. CVS updates are slow for them.

Project often consist of 10.000+ files, hierarchically organized, most
of them text files.

The simple maths is: if there would be a local mirror
- the whole data would need to be transferred just once instead of once
  per team member
- the data would usually be already available at the local mirror, so
  you would not have to wait for the files to update from the master 
- latency to the local mirror is way lower than to the master server


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