[cvsnt] cvs import failure on windows server 2003 sp 1 with cvsnt 2.5.04

rui guideveloper at gmail.com
Fri May 22 13:16:42 BST 2009

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Hi Tao and others,

I just saw that you have the same problem as I am having which you
have posted on cvsnt forum as well.

I have windows server 2003 sp1 installed and I am trying to do a big
import upto 2 GB using wincvs.
but it fails with the same error
cvs [import aborted]: writing to server socket: error -1

Just wanted to know, have you been able to resolve this issue, i tried
the same import on MS Windows XP professional SP 3 and it did the
import correctly
I have correct and full permissions with domain name on the cvsnt
server and the repository folder and have tried both sspi and pserver

Here is my import command
cvs -d :sspi:fs01:/rendering_test import -C -I ! -I CVS -W "*.TOT -k
'b'" -W "*.VAL -k 'b'" -W "*.USR -k 'b'" -W "*.RAS -k 'b'" -W "*.ACS
-k 'b'" -W "*.png_dif -k 'b'" -W "*.AGE -k 'b'" -W "*.MRN -k 'b'" -W
"*.DPT -k 'b'" -W "*.png -k 'b'" -W "*.FUN -k 'b'" -W "*.DRF -k 'b'"
-W "*.ADM -k 'b'" -W "*.DUD -k 'b'" -W "*.VNM -k 'b'" -W "*.CHK -k
'b'" -W "*.TPE -k 'b'" -W "*.DOC -k 'b'" -W "*.DES -k 'b'" -W "*.DEP
-k 'b'" -W "*.COG -k 'b'" -W "*.CFS -k 'b'" -W "*.IDE -k 'b'" -W
"*.COD -k 'b'" -W "*.TX3 -k 'b'" -W "*.RID -k 'b'" -W "*.CTY -k 'b'"
-W "*.DEL -k 'b'" -W "*.BTW -k 'b'" -W "*.DNO -k 'b'" -W "*.ONO -k
'b'" -W "*.SOC -k 'b'" -W "*.TX6 -k 'b'" -W "*.TX5 -k 'b'" -W "*.RAN
-k 'b'" -W "*.rpt -k 'b'" -W "*.pcl -k 'b'" -W "*.tif_dif -k 'b'" -W
"*.SMC -k 'b'" -W "*.DA1 -k 'b'" -W "*.TX4 -k 'b'" -W "*.TE4 -k 'b'"
-W "*.TE3 -k 'b'" -W "*.TE2 -k 'b'" -W "*.TE1 -k 'b'" -W "*.CRN -k
'b'" -W "*.AMO -k 'b'" -W "*.CSN -k 'b'" -W "*.TX2 -k 'b'" -W "*.NU1
-k 'b'" -W "*.DT1 -k 'b'" -W "*.APL -k 'b'" -W "*.ACN -k 'b'"
-W "*.BRA -k 'b'" -W "*.SPL -k 'b'" -W "*.lgo -k 'b'" -W "*.scc -k
'b'" -W "*.XFO -k 'b'" -W "*.frm -k 'b'" -W "*.LGO -k 'b'" -W "*.IMP
-k 'b'" -W "*.IML -k 'b'" -W "*.JDL -k 'b'" -W "*.dat -k 'b'" -W
"tfrca_14stuff -k 'b'" -W "*.MET -k 'b'" -W "*.PRL -k 'b'" -W "*.stw
-k 'b'" -W "*.STW -k 'b'" -W "*.t01 -k 'u'" -W "*.sw -k 'b'" -W "*.met
-k 'b'" -W "*.out -k 'b'" -W "*.mtc -k 'b'" -W "*.1 -k 'b'" -W "*.spl
-k 'b'" -W "*.INLINE -k 'b'" -W "*.img -k 'b'" -W "*.IMG -k 'b'" -W
"*.ORG_IDX -k 'b'" -W "*.AX -k 'b'" -W "*.IN -k 'b'" -W "*.pdf -k 'b'"
-W "*.MON -k 'b'" -W "*.MAS -k 'b'" -W "*.CLI -k 'b'" -W "*.REP -k
'b'" -W "*.INT -k 'b'" -W "*.BUI -k 'b'" -W "*.BNO -k 'b'" -W "*.TXE
-k 'b'" -W "*.TXD -k 'b'" -W "*.TXC -k 'b'" -W "*.TXB -k 'b'" -W
"*.TXA -k 'b'" -W "*.AMA -k 'b'" -W "*.TEF -k 'b'" -W "*.NOM -k 'b'"
-W "*.NIF -k 'b'" -W "*.FEC -k 'b'" -W "*.FAC -k 'b'" -W "*.OUT -k
'b'" -W "*.TNU -k 'b'" -W "*.INU -k 'b'" -W "*.ANU -k 'b'" -W "*.MRF
-k 'b'" -W "*.GRF -k 'b'" -W "*.ERF -k 'b'" -W "DATAINFO -k 'b'" -W
"*.NO -k 'b'" -W "*.INN -k 'b'" -W "*.CNO -k 'b'" -W "*.POL -k 'b'" -W
"*.CON -k 'b'" -W "*.HOL -k 'b'" -W "*.RIC -k 'b'" -W "*.NUM -k 'b'"
-W "*.CCN -k 'b'" -W "*.IN1 -k 'b'" -W "*.BAN -k 'b'" -W "*.CUS -k
'b'" -W "*.TX1 -k 'b'" -W "*.DAT -k 'b'" -W "*.RES -k 'b'" -W "*.REF
-k 'b'" -W "*.CAL -k 'b'" -W "INDEXXX -k 'b'" -W "INDEXX -k 'b'" -W
"*.NAM -k 'b'" -W "*.DNM -k 'b'" -W "*.ACC -k 'b'" -W "*.INV -k 'b'"
-W "*.IDX -k 'b'" -W "*.HED -k 'b'" -W "*.DPX -k 'b'" -W "CR_DRIVE -k
'b'" -W "*.PSG -k 'b'" -W "*.psg -k 'b'" -W "*.616 -k 'b'" -W
"*.output -k 'b'" -W "*.AOI -k 'b'" -W "*.acif -k 'b'" -W "*.bd -k
'b'" -W "*.decomp -k 'b'" -W "*.AFP -k 'b'" -W "*.afp -k 'b'" -W
"*.bin -k 'b'" -W "*.IDS -k 'b'" -W "*.tif -k 'b'" -W "*.RAW -k 'b'"
-W "*.M4RAW -k 'b'" -W "*.PDF -k 'b'" -W "*.PCL -k 'b'" -W "*.TIF -k
'b'" -W "*.PNG -k 'b'" -W "*.ZIP -k 'b'" -W "X0FNT005 -k 'b'" -W
"X0FNT004 -k 'b'" -W "X0FNT003 -k 'b'" -W "X0FNT002 -k 'b'" -W
"X0FNT001 -k 'b'" -W "X0FNT000 -k 'b'" -W "T1TRANSE -k 'b'" -W
"T1TRANSA -k 'b'"
-W "C0FNT005 -k 'b'" -W "C0FNT004 -k 'b'" -W "C0FNT003 -k 'b'" -W
"C0FNT002 -k 'b'" -W "C0FNT001 -k 'b'" -W "C0FNT000 -k 'b'" -W "*.oly
-k 'b'" -W "*.FRM -k 'b'" -W "*.FNT -k 'b'" -W "*.OLY -k 'b'" -m "no
message" -- auto_test dw trunk (in directory


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