[cvsnt] Another couple of questions from a newbie

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-cvsnt at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Nov 3 03:52:00 GMT 2009

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En Fri, 30 Oct 2009 10:49:10 -0300, Rodrigo <racastilho at hotmail.com>  

> Another couple of questions from a newbie (my server machine runs CVSNT  
> Server, my client machine runs WinCVS):
> 1) How do I remove module from my current repository?

If you want to completely remove a top level module (so all traces of its  
existence are gone) - remove the corresponding directory in the  
repository; this must be done on the server. I think this is only sensible  
on a test server, or a test module. Usually you WANT to keep history,  
that's the whole point of using a versioning system, ok?

If you want to remove a subdirectory inside another module, delete all its  
contents (from the working copy, cvs remove; use the -P option in cvs  

> 2) How do delete a complete repository, to start a new one?

Delete the corresponding directory on the server. Again, this has any  
sense for a testing server.

> 3) If I want to replace my CVS Server machine, do I simply copy the  
> repository directory from the old to the new machine, or are there other  
> things I need to do?

Basically, yes. You must replicate the same configuration on the new  
server (using the CVSNT control panel; settings are stored in the  
registry, if you want to export and import them). Also, you should review  
the configuration files and copy any script referenced there.

> 4) When should I use the "release" command from WinCVS?

I don't know about WinCVS, but the CVSNT release command is used to tell  
CVSNT that you are not interested in working with that directory anymore.  
Optionally, it may remove all CVS control files, or all files.

> 5) If I want to import a module and start working on it immediately,  
> should I check out the module right after importing it into the  
> repository?

Pass. I don't know the WinCVS workflow. With TortoiseCVS, it is enough to  
use the "Create new module" menu option followed by "Add contents" and a  
final "Commit".

Gabriel Genellina

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