[evs] Current Status

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Sat Feb 10 12:54:03 GMT 2007

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Last week I had a meeting with the march hare staff to discuss where the 
prioriries where going, plus some technical discussion about how best to 
implement it.

As a result I've had rethink and rewritten the vfs layer to be 
independent of CVS or RCS (EVS is supposed to be a version control 
platform that happens to have CVS as its primary protocol, not simply a 
reimplementation, so this makes sense).

This has several effects:

1. We get the transition to a database only version a lot earlier.  The 
advantage being we don't have to do things in an 'rcs way' in the lower 
levels of the code.  This has freed me to implement a lot of things I 
wasn't going to do until version 3.
2. The DAV layer can be written native on top of the VFS/CVSAPI rather 
than through a hacked up evs client as it is now, which means it will be 
running at native speed (currently hitting F5 to refresh a mapped EVS 
network drive takes a while..).
3. I've got to write another layer (cvs translation layer) so that the 
main evs.exe can make sense of it all.
4. This will delay the next test release a week or two - *but* it'll be 
worth waiting for :p.

What we do get from this is a real fast tag and branch, symbolic links 
(probably replacing modules2 - symbolic links are much more powerful as 
they're versioned and can point across branches), and of course the 
reliability that having a database gives you (ACID compliance, etc.).


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