[evs] Current Status

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Tue Feb 13 10:19:37 GMT 2007

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Andreas Tscharner wrote:
> I thought they addressed their licensing issues with MySQL5 ?! (It looks 
> like it's GPL (only had a short look, of course))
Yeah that's the problem - 3.23 was LGPL, and free to use.

We can't use anything newer than that without making everything GPL. 
cvsapi, etc. are LGPL for a reason - so that 3rd parties can use it to 
add value without having to GPL their own code (march hare use this for 
some elements of Suite and other things that are done for customers 
under contract).

I go to some lengths to make sure that the GPL parts of cvsnt and the 
LGPL parts are logically separate so there's no possibility of violating 
any licenses.

The alternative is to purchase a mysql license for every copy of 
cvsnt/evs.  That's rather impractical - it's about $300 a copy... more 
expensive than the entire suite, even if you limited it to suite 
customers it would cost a fortune.. if you factor in cvsnt downloads it 
starts to cost something like the GDP of a small south american country!


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