[evs] Branching on commit, merge documentation

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Tue Sep 11 13:03:45 BST 2007

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Arthur Barrett wrote:

>> First question is whether the start of the merge is documented in the
>> RCS file. A bugid changeset in the simplest case is a range of
>> revisions that has a start and an end. You say the merge point is
>> stored in the RCS file, but as I understand merge points, that just
>> identifies the end revision of the source branch and the target
>> revision on the current branch (where the merge happened) -- it doesn't
>> identify the start revision of the merged change set on the source
>> branch. This can be expanded to several ranges with a start/end
>> revision pair that belong to that one bugid. Does this all appear in
>> the log output?
> OK - that's a good suggestion, but there are other solutions that would
> not require coding a new feature into CVSNT (though that would be
> ideal).

I still think it would make sense to have start and end of a double j merge
stored somewhat similar to a merge point. You say it's a rarely used
feature, but a double j merge is exactly what Tony suggested for merging a
branch back to its ancestor -- which I wouldn't call a rare or exotic
situation. (Even though that is a special case of the double j merge, it
still is one.)

>> The other question is about the bugid. I think it would definitely be
>> helpful to have the bugid stored together with the other merge
>> information and be able to retrieve it later.
> It's stored in the RCS file same as the mergepoint, so it already is.

Ah, good to know :)  I need to start using bugids. So far we don't.

> I've created bug id 5079 in our bugzilla to track this, but you could
> also suggest it on the tortoisecvs newsgroup or buglist.

Will do. 

>>> Do you want commit rights to the repo so you can amend the docbook? You
>>> can either get a docbook editor (I can dig up the name of the one Tony
>>> uses) or you can just use notepad for small changes (which is what I
>>> do).
>> [...] So yes, I'd like that (and the name of Tony's docbook editor).
> OK - I'll try and get that done in the next couple of days.  If you
> haven't heard from me or Tony by this time next week please ping me...

Will do.


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