[evs] Branching on commit, merge documentation

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Wed Sep 12 13:41:43 BST 2007

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Tony Hoyle wrote:

> Gerhard Fiedler wrote:
>> One loosely related feature I'm dreaming about is that the system knows
>> what has been merged and excludes anything that has already been merged
>> from a future merge (unless an override option is set that advises it
>> to merge "literally"), for both unidirectional and bidirectional cases.
> That's not really possible - each revision is dependent on the revision 
> before it, so for example you have:
> 1.1   Bug 1
> 1.2   Bug 2
> 1.3   Bug 3
> 1.4   Bug 3
> 1.5   Bug 2
> 1.6   Bug 4
> 1.7   Bug 1

> A merge of bug 2 for example must include every revision in between, in
> this case implicitly merging bug 3.  Let's say you have merged bugs 2
> and 4.. you can record this somewhere (mergepoint history is the wrong
> place though* - cvsnt has nowhere to put it.. evs could create a
> property with the details in it theoretically). 

That was my point with bringing this up here. I think the merge points are
not enough to document what was actually merged, and as you explained, not
even me keeping a log of which bugids I merged is enough. If I merge bugid
2, I get also all enclosed revisions associated with bugid3... Without
requesting this, and without knowing it. I think the system should somehow
be able to tell me later what it actually did merge. 

Also, what if at the time of the merge of bugid 2 the work on bugid 3 was
not yet completed and in the end depends on a revision "1.8 Bug 3"? The
merge of bugid 2 includes then some incomplete and possibly only half
working bugid 3. How do you deal with this? The way Arthur describes
working with bugids, this must be quite normal. 


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