[evs] EvsManager

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Sun Sep 30 09:05:06 BST 2007

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Future beta builds of EVS will include a component/service called 
"evsmanager" which is not in the publicly available source code.  This is a 
mini "web server" and "WebDAV server" that has some pre-build "applications" 
such as: control panel, viewcvs, defect tracking etc etc.

It is our intention at this point in time to re-write this before the 
release date in a more modular fashion so that we can release the source 
code to the framework and most of the "applications" (though not necessarily 
all of them and not necessarily under the LGPL).  However right now we 
haven't had the time to do that so we are releasing it as binary only for 
windows under commercial terms.

If someone wants to undertake the porting work to unix/linux (including 
creating the build system) then you will need to sign an NDA for this code, 
or wait until we've re-organised the code so we can release it under a more 
general FOSS license.

Given that the project is running rather late, it is a possibility that we 
may not have the time to reorganise this code until after "release 1".

I apologise for the lack of "openness" on this part of the project, however 
I hope you appreciate that we need to keep project deadlines to ensure we 
meet budgets to ensure the future viability project funding.  Feel free to 
ask any questions regarding this.


Arthur Barrett

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