[evs] Does EVS remove some of CVS limitations?

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 5 23:05:32 GMT 2008

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"Arthur Barrett" <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com> wrote in message 
news:foaj6r$ik1$1 at paris.nodomain.org...
> Eric,
>> A perfect example for how renames are important are in Java programming. 
>> In Java, the class name must match the filename.  So for example, a file 
>> called TestExample.java would contain a class called TestExample. 
>> Furthermore, it's path within my project determines its package.  So my 
>> src/eric/test/TestExample.java class would actually be referred to as 
>> eric.test.TestExample() in my code.  If I renamed my class from 
>> TestExample to Example, and moved it to src/eric/functional/Example.Java 
>> I would be forced to then rename my class obect to Example.java.  And 
>> then within my code, I would start referring to it as 
>> eric.functional.Example().
>> So when I merge my branch back, if those file renames/moves aren't 
>> carried over in some way or another, I would find myself with build 
>> errors all over the place, and be forced to figure out which filenames 
>> have changes and rename them a second time.
> Yes - not having a Java developer on staff means that we are just 
> oblivious to this sort of thing till someone raises it.
> As much as non-Java programmers think that this behaviour of the java 
> compiler is ludicrous, it's not about to change, and there is a lot of 
> Java development going on so we need to support it well.
> Tony has his head stuck in some pretty complex code right now but I have 
> asked him to read this thread and comment on it ASAP.
> Based on your description I think that yes EVS v1 should support 'merge 
> renames' - whether that is the default or an option - it's a part of the 
> 'rename problem' for Java developers.  Me wanting it in v1 doesn't 
> automatically make it happen though, our next planning meeting is on the 
> 18th.

Thanks - I appreciate the effort.  I can also see this is a major issue for 
anyone who builds / develops web applications which contain links between 
different files.  Again, a change of an HTML filename/location would require 
changing any embeded links within referencing pages.  Consequently, not 
carrying forward moves/renames would cause all referencing links to be 
broken, and even worse, no easy way to detect which links broke.

As an aside, I checked with SVN guys who informed me that they do carry 
forward move/renames when merging branches.  However, SVN handles the 
situation by not truly "renaming" the file, but rather by an atomic 
delete/add of the file in question.  Consequently, when merging branches, it 
carries forward the delete/addition.  Keep in mind that they have 
encountered problems with this technique as well - primarily with loss of 
changes made to the original file which is deleted at merge time, and not 
necessarily carried over into the newly added file.

Just some more food for thought...  Will still try to get more info how CC 
and Perforce handle it...



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