[evs] EVS beta2 3.1.01 build 3187 (with EVS Manager)

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Sep 16 06:44:45 BST 2008

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Hi all,

Here it is - EVS beta2 3.1.01 build 3187!

It has been a long time between releases, however this one is very 
significant and indicates that we are (finally) approaching the release of 

This is the second build of EVS that includes a preview of the EVSManager, 
and is the first that contains support for SVN clients. Please remember that 
this is a beta build and that CVS, CVSNT and SVN clients are not fully 

Please read the installation document carefully, it includes:
- known limitations
- installation procedure
- project notes
- the testing we have performed

The document can be downloaded here:

I have tested this install on a clean server and client and all works - so 
this build may not be stable, but you should not hit any showstopper bugs 
that prevent you testing it. The windows installers the server is here:
and the client here:

In particular we are looking for your assistance with:
* migrating the codebase to linux (checkout the trunk from cvs.cvsnt.org), 
use the postgres driver.
* testing CVS import/add/update/update(merge)/checkout/commit and all acl 
* testing SVN checkout/commit
* testing rename/move
* testing rtag/tag tag/branch
* testing WebDAV

The purpose of this milestone was to release a build that is functionally 
equivalent to CVSNT and (with the odd exception) SVN, plus these features:
* a fast "rtag"
* rename and move
* transactional database (atomic commit and checkout)
* a single windows service evsmanager that provides:
+ CVS/CVSNT port 2401 services
+ CVSNT Lock Service port 2402 services
+ SVN Services
+ use of web folders to create revisions of files in a repository
+ integrated defect tracking based on the Bugzilla data model
+ integrated web browsing of the repository

EVSCM is the first SCM system with support for the open "CVS protocol" that 
has no file (or RCS) backend but a relational SQL database. This has not 
been done simply for the "cool" factor - but because it creates a platform 
that we can build more advanced functionality on in a very robust way.

Please post your comments and bug reports to support.evs on the 
news.cvsnt.org (nntp/news) server.

We will not be making any additional builds of EVS for several weeks, but 
each bug posted to the newsgroup will be recorded and Tony will analyse it 
to make an estimate of the effort to fix. In around 4 weeks we will look at 
each of these and prioritise them then look at scheduling. Of course if 
anyone else wants to simply get in and fix stuff we'd be delighted. If you 
post a bug I will most likely then give you write access to our bugzilla so 
you can update it and post more bugs. Ditto with submitting patches for EVS.

Note: the source code to EVSManager is not available, and there is a post on 
the support.evs newsgroup dated 30/Sep/2007 with the subject "EvsManager" 
explaining this.

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