[cvsnt-dev] Re: Feature Request: warnings on edit

Christian Schmidt christian2.schmidtREMOVE_THIS at gmx.de
Thu Jul 1 09:32:53 BST 2004

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Oliver Giesen wrote:
>> Why? We use this feature sometimes to temporarily prevent users from
>> modifing certain directories.
> Now that's "abuse" not "use". It's certainly not what the Edit command
> was intended for. The whole point of CVS is "allowing nevertheless
> without troubles" not "preventing just because" IMO. The Edit
> mechanism is a means for easing collaboration and team coordination
> as it lets you see who's doing what at the moment (without imposing
> any restrictions at the same time). The preventive functionality that
> Reserved Edit adds on top of that was borne from a technical
> inconvenience (namely that some files (especially binary files) could
> not be automatically merged) and not from the desire to lock certain
> people out.

I shouldn't have said prevent... I meant: warn the user so that if he wants
to edit a file in the directory, a message tells him that someone is already
editing this file. So what he does is unediting the file or calling the
editor and talk to him.

> If you want to set up access/commit restrictions for certain users or
> user groups you should use ACLs instead. And those *are* branch aware
> BTW.

TortoiseCVS-frontend does not support setting ACLs. BTW I think, it doesn't
has to.

>> But you can't edit a tagged version of the file. At least you can't
>> commit changes to a tagged file,
> You could commit. All you have to do is:

Normally you edit a file, make your changes and commit them. For not
up-to-date or tagged files you can't do this without doing "special" things.
So let's give the user a hint, _before_ he begins hacking code.

[snipped 2 solutions for editing tagged files]

I've send a feature request to TortoiseCVS to support these two solutions.
But they can't implement them efficently, because they can't see if the tag
is a branch or revision tag (except they connect to the server twice, which
sometimes takes long). That's why I wrote this feature request to cvsnt.


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