[cvsnt-dev] Re: Reported ActiveState Komodo issue

Will Senn will_senn at comcast.net
Sun Jun 6 21:46:07 BST 2004

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Here's the description of the problem:

| Hi Will,
| The problem (as I recall, it was a long time ago) was that after
| executing (and getting good results from) cvsnt, it would never
| quit and just sit in memory, and lock out any further cvs access.
| This doesn't happen with the large amount of other applications
| that we execute with the same process execution code (eg.cvs,
| language interpreters, custom run commands, etc.) so I feel it is
| unlikely an issue on our side.  I spent quite some time trying to
| figure out why it was happening and finally gave up, since the
| regular cvs distribution worked fine.  I have not tested any recent
| builds of cvsnt (at least not since, so I'll try to get a
| chance to do that soon.

Here's the most recent news:
Hmm, I just tried it, at first had some weird problems with logging into
my linux server, but after doing cvs(nt) login again, and restarting
komodo, everything appears to work normally.  I dont see any reason to
maintain the restriction any longer, so the next build will allow cvsnt
to be used.

Sorry I don't have more information.



Tony Hoyle wrote:

| Will Senn wrote:
|> Tony,
|> Went round with the Komodo team and they will be commenting out
|> the check for CVSNT in the next release - it appears that it
|> 'works' now... :)
| Hmm any idea what the problem was?  If there's something I can do
| to make their client work better then it shouldn't be too hard to
| put in (sometimes it's just a matter of detecting the client and
| making cvsnt behave more cvs-like when it sees it).
| Tony

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