[cvsnt-dev] Extending cvs info

Oliver Giesen ogware at gmx.net
Fri Jun 11 11:48:26 BST 2004

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I have often been thinking it would be great if frontends like WinCvs 
were able to query the CVS system for internal configuration data that 
could otherwise only be assumed or guessed or parsed from sources that 
are either only accessible by CVSROOT checkout or whose location or 
format is potentially subject to change, e.g.:

- the complete list of globally ignored patterns including the built-in 
list and those from the server-side cvsignore, optionally for a given 
directory as well

- the complete list of currently active default options, including the 
server-side cvsrc, optionally for a given command

The list could probably be extended but I think you get the general 
idea. Those are simply the two I have thought about most often so far.

Now, "cvs info" appears to be the natural choice for the name of a 
command that could return such information but it is already taken... 
then again, it already does something very similar: it returns info 
about the client's capabilities with regards to protocol support. Maybe 
this concept could be extended...

Bearing in mind compatibility with the existing cvs info, how about 
something like this:

cvs info [-l] [item]

where cvs would assume [item] to be "protocol" if omitted.
cvs info -l would return a list of all items that could be queried, e.g. 
protocol, ignore, default, modules2 (ideally this would have been what 
happened when invoking cvs info without arguments but that's no longer 
possible because of the backwards compatibility issues).

Now I could do stuff like:

cvs info ignore
cvs info ignore d:\Dev\MyProject\out
cvs info default
cvs info default up
cvs info protocol sspi
cvs info modules2
cvs info modules2 MyModule

Again, if the item following "info" is not a recognized query item CVSNT 
should assume "protocol".

This is still only a very rough idea but I think it could be worthwhile. 
What do you think?


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