[cvsnt-dev] Suggestion for CVS edit

Julian Brierley JulianBrierley at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 15 16:01:44 BST 2004

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Recently I have wanted reserved edits to be specific to a branch. 
Currently the list of editors of a file is keyed only on username, so a 
reserved edit reserves all branches.
For non-reserved edits a user cannot have concurrent edits on the same 
file in different sandboxes.

I have done some experiments to make edits sandbox and branch specific. 
The approach taken was as follows:

fileattr - currently within the _editors attribute the format is 
I have added sandbox details and branch tag name to the key leaving only 
datetime as the value, making the format 

branchtag is either a branch tag or the string HEAD.

Notification and output - I have added branchtag to the end of the 
current tab seperated list.

Old CVS clients appear to be happy with the extra output value. Older 
servers will of course not understand the new _editors format. There may 
be compatibility issues with front ends that invoke CVS and rely on the 
current edit semantics.

An alternative suggestion, which would be sufficient for my needs, is to 
just make the edits user and branchtag specific and not sandbox.

My experimental code, which is a hack of a recent snapshot of 
CVSNT_2_0_x, seems to show such an approach is feasible although there 
are many scenarios still to test.

Does anyone have any views on the desirability of such a change? Have I 
overlooked something? Are there any better approaches?


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