[cvsnt-dev] Re: Feature Request: warnings on edit

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Mon Jun 28 12:16:40 BST 2004

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On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:00:44 +0200, "Christian Schmidt"
<christian2.schmidtREMOVE_THIS at gmx.de> wrote:

>Working with reserved edits means that editing a not up-to-date file is an
>"error" or at least it is worth a warning. One _can_ check the status of the
>file before, but this requires a further call to the cvs server, which might
>be time consuming if many files should be edited.
>The error comes up, when the file is commited. But actually the error
>happened before.

It depends on what you're doing with the edit - edit doesn't actually
affect the ability of users to checkin, it's just a flag (commit -c
then checks this).

If the client could be hacked to do it it still requires a round trip
to the server to check the edit status anyway - eg. edit -c basically
sends an 'editors' command then looks to see if there's any output..
it's not more efficient than doing the two commands separately at all
(although arguably more convenient), so the frontend might as well do
it - as some do.

It's not normally an error to edit an out-of-date file simply because
by the time you commit it's not impossible that someone will have
added a new revision anyway - if someone wants to work around the
reserved edits they can very easily.  They're still a 'hack' designed
for a very limited subset of files and making them work any other way
is very nontrivial.  

I would question whether anyone would ever edit 'many' files and if
they were whether CVS was the best tool for them.

>The same as above is here: 1. log must be called for every file and 2. the
>error comes up on commit, although it happened on edit.
Edit doesn't know anything about branches (and actually knows nothing
of the file it's editing.. it just assumes you're doing something
sane), so there is no error on edit - you hold the edit on the file
(although you are editing a revision).  


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