[cvsnt-dev] Re: Differentiating

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Tue Mar 23 20:16:41 GMT 2004

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Tharen D. Debold wrote:
> I see a lot of talk here and on the main mailing list regarding 
> subversion and then discussion about lots of upcoming work for CVSNT.  
> I’m wondering what the differentiating characteristics are in the medium 
> to long term.  In two years, why should there be two development paths?

In theory there's no reason why not, but I suspect you'd quickly run into a 
clash of ideas (their dependency on Apache for example - any SVN server I 
deployed would have to work with IIS or not a all, plus no multilingual 
support, which is a biggie).  There are going to be more than two development 
paths though - there's Arch as well (which for me has some much more 
interesting ideas but seems to be rather too Unixy at the moment...  It is 
Unicode based though and supports many of the features I've been after for a 
while.  Going for ArchNT is extremely tempting...  but only if I though I 
could pull off a native Win32 port and a CVS->Arch protocol conversion).

For me, a primary goal of any cvsnt project is to support existing clients - 
even if they can't access the full functionality.  Plus there's the win32 
integration (which can be much better - sharepoint functionality, MMC consoles 
giving useful statistics and controling the repositories, etc.).

OTOH multiple projects is a good idea - the free market works :)  Plus, we can 
steal ideas off each other.


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