[cvsnt-dev] Re: Re[2]: cvs.cvsnt.org is down??

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Mon Aug 1 13:11:03 BST 2005

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Richard Wirth wrote:

> Hello David,
> Monday, August 1, 2005, 11:38:43 AM, you wrote:
> DS> Richard Wirth wrote:
>>> Are you using sserver protocoll?
>>> Via pserver I can checkout, but the sserver protocoll stops (cvs
>>> hangs).
>>> 11:26:47:   -> Tracelevel set to 3.  PID is 2376
>>> 11:26:47:   -> Session ID is 94842edead72a42
>>> 11:26:47:   -> Session time is Mon Aug  1 09:26:47 2005
>>> 11:26:47:   -> CVS Server is acting as standalone
>>> 11:26:47:   -> main loop with
>>> CVSROOT=:sserver:accountname at cvs.cvsnt.org:/usr/local/cvs
>>>From the changelogs it looks like Tony was having some problems with
> DS> sserver/ssl, so it could be broken at the moment... or to be more
> precise, DS> sserver may have been fixed but cvs.cvsnt.org hasn't been
> upgraded with the DS> fixed build).
> DS> Do you really need to get at the repository using ssever?
> Only for write access, but it's annoying to change all the CVS/ROOT
> files...

Sure. But if sserver is currently broken and pserver works....

> After an update of my client to
> "Concurrent Versions System (CVSNT) 2.5.02 (Servalan) Build 2046 (Release
> Candidate 2) (client/server)" It doesn't hang any more but gives an
> ErrorMessage: "Server certificate verification failed: unable to get local
> issuer certificate"

I thought 2044 was the last build.

> So it looks like Tony has chnged something within the ssl protocoll...

Or rather, the protocol is the same, but he's now trying to do a bit more at
the application level (validation of server/client certificates by the
looks of it).

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