[cvsnt-dev] build unable to compile on Linux

Richard Wirth richard at wirthware.de
Wed Aug 30 13:52:07 BST 2006

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Hello Tony,

>> There is a Makefile.am missing in ufc-crypt. I could provide a stupid
>> first hack for it.

TH> The ufc-crypt source doesn't use automake.

Yes, but cvsnt is. So we have to make ufc-crypt compatible.
I've already commited a Makefile.in and modified configure.in , so it
will be included when configure is regenerated.
(works on my solaris box)
In the future, this Makefile.in has to get synced with the Makefile of
ufc-crypt. But that's quite easy, cause there are only 'fife' lines of
working code in it ;-)

>> And with zlib I notised a broken Makefile.am some weeks ago, but I
>> thought I had commited a fix (?).

TH> ..neither does the zlib source.

I was wrong here. It was the Makefile.in, which was not VPATH aware
any more (not Makefile.am). The fix is also commited.

TH> Especially for zlib, which gets updated for security, I try to keep as
TH> close to the original source as possible.

TH> If there's an edit to the file make it to the makefile.in as provided in
TH> the original source tree so there's not too much of a difference.

There is also an isuue with gcc 4.1, But I have forgotten to commit
the patch and the machine has already returned to the customer :-((
But it was realy a simple one. Somewhere there is an over qualified
member function in a class declaration. Something like:

class XYZ {
 XYZ::Member ();

gcc 4.1 doesn't like this

Best regards,
 Richard                            mailto:richard at wirthware.de

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