[cvsnt-dev] Re: Where to go forward with the main list.

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Sun Jul 23 23:29:51 UTC 2006

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David Somers wrote:
> Setting up a newsreader requires a bit more effort, and its something that
> people are getting less familiar with, so perhaps a pointer to a mini-HOWTO
> read NNTP may be an idea.

No really.. in Outlook express, add a news account.

Plus cvsnt users are not beginners - they're technical people to start with.

Something has to be done - the viagra spammer is trying to bring the net 
to its knees on his own.. spamassassin isn't catching him, he's sending 
from hundreds of ISPs (I've reported about 30 to spamcop myself) and 
he's *very* prolific.  I went out for a couple of hours and had another 
6 in my inbox & another 3 on the cvsnt list... there isn't even enough 
to block on.. he keeps changing the spellings & I haven't found any 
pattern to work with yet.

> Sure, but perhaps some solution could be possible; perhaps just forcing
> plain text only posts (since I can't see, in the context of cvsnt, any real
> need to do fancy posting).

It's not just that... replying like I am at the moment doesn't really 
work on a web forum - you don't quote in the same way...

  > BTW, perhaps now would be the time to discuss/think about whether 
its worth
> breaking the main list (cvsnt) into platform-specific lists (or rather, the
> cvsnt continues as is, and a new list, say cvsnt-linux is added for linux
> support issues; repeat for other platforms are required.
I don't think that'd be helpful since there's a lot of common code, and 
in general stuff that works in one works in the other.  There's no 
specific OSX problems or Solaris problems really, except compiling 
them... and I make binaries for that.

Of course sometimes platform differences to happen but they tend to be 
-dev things, like the gentoo issues and the problem with loading 
databases (which I still haven't got a clue about... will start tracing 
the darn kernel if I have to).


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