[cvsnt-dev] Re: Where to go forward with the main list.

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Sun Jul 23 17:49:37 UTC 2006

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Tony Hoyle wrote:
> How about... close the list to nonmembers, and include in the bounce
> message a message to the effect that the news server is still open for
> nonmenbers to post to (will have to think about the wording).

Setting up a newsreader requires a bit more effort, and its something that
people are getting less familiar with, so perhaps a pointer to a mini-HOWTO
read NNTP may be an idea.

>> Forums are a pain but have better historical context since they keep
>> their threading better than a mailman archive.  Google searches will
>> send them to the entire thread instead just one message -- sometimes the
>>  messages have broken threading.

Searching/Google is a big plus (assuming the spam can be kept out).

>> IMHO Forums are poor for the people using them daily,

True. But I guess they have their place in life, especially for those who
are only familiar with the web and never used text based Internet
applications (which also still have their place and are - perhaps - easier
to work with). Man I must be getting old; I'm spending more time at the CLI
and less time in a GUI these days.

>> unless the fancy 
>> formatting and smilies actually help the conversation.

Wow! Dude :-) Forums are like so Kewl ! ;-) Now, where's my BillG avatar so
I can show the world I'm a nerd? 

> I dislike web forums in general, although I did try an experimental one at
> www.cvsnt.org/bb which is still running.

Nice. I like it.

Wow, it can use postgresql or mysql as a backend... great, since I tend to
use postgresql quite a lot (I prefer it over mysql anyway) and I've been
looking for a postgresql BB.

The search facility is pretty useful.
Perhaps if a FAQ was added to it, people might be more inclined to read it
there before making the usual (help! urgent! must have a solution now!)
mistakes when posting.

> The problem is the mapping 
> between newsgroup->forum really doesn't work well since the posting styles
> are different.

Sure, but perhaps some solution could be possible; perhaps just forcing
plain text only posts (since I can't see, in the context of cvsnt, any real
need to do fancy posting).

At the end of the day, if it is possible to provide multiple and
interoperable ways of working with support traffic, I'm all for it: those
who love lists can work with lists; those who love news can work with news;
those who want a web forum can work with a forum. (And if the spam can be
kept at bay/better managed, then so much the better).

BTW, perhaps now would be the time to discuss/think about whether its worth
breaking the main list (cvsnt) into platform-specific lists (or rather, the
cvsnt continues as is, and a new list, say cvsnt-linux is added for linux
support issues; repeat for other platforms are required.

David Somers

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